Create in Me…..

 Create in me a clean heart, O God, 
and renew a right, persevering, 
and steadfast spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10 AMP**

I’ve had surgery recently. In fact, this gal’s heart still lies wide open on the operating table. The One who is truly able to fix the heart, the organ that is absolutely necessary for life, true life, has assured me that He will indeed perform a major fix. In fact, His work of true restoration will prove better than the muck and mire that currently lies unassumingly in a darkened corner of my heart. You might be familiar with the corner, it’s the one that contains the lie of, “Will you ever be able to remain calm in stressful situations?” However, the lie, or simply the question, truly has no credence in God’s world of revealing and healing. It’s time for a fix, a Jesus fix.

The Lord Almighty has performed surgery previously, cleansing me of sin by His amazing love which covers a multitude of sins. He has been oh-so-faithful, from salvation to cleansing of pride and more, and He will continue to be so for all of us until the end of time. For that I’m overwhelmingly and thankfully reassured. He won’t give up on us. That’s our God!

When I prayed, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, ” He heard. As my lips offered, “Lord, what’s next? What area of my heart do You desire to work on? What exists in the darkened corners that comes between us?” He answered.

“Emotions, emotions that are out of check at times. That’s where we need to focus My daughter.”

“Hmmmm….OK Lord. I hear You. You are Sovereign and You know what is right. You see it all, laid bare before Your sight. Create in me a clean heart, give my heart a fresh start. Create in me reactions that bring You glory. Show me how to manage those emotions You’ve given, oh God. May I be a good steward of them. Change my heart, Oh Lord, make me ever new, that I might bring praise only to You.”

So, off we go to emotional surgery. I find myself filled with eager anticipation because it’s evident joy is ahead. The prayers, faith, the Word, Christian books, and social posts….they are all bombarding me. They are His reassurance coming from nearly every angle the past few weeks. They are on Facebook, they awaken me in time to watch them on TV early in the morn, and they beckon from the bookshelf.

Thank You, Lord, for Your skillful hand. Thank You, Lord, for Your love. Thank You, Lord, for creating me a clean heart…..

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  1. 1st: Love the new look of the blog…LOVE!
    2nd: AMEN my friend!!! This girls emotions also get out of check and it’s been quite convicting lately!! Yay for our God who can make us new!