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This is a place for stories: God’s, yours, and a few pretend people.

This site offers Bible, prayer, and other spritual growth tools, some of which my “pretend people” in Christian fiction (romance) use. Even more so, these resources were made for real people like you and me–to help us understand God’s story and to watch and grow as He unfolds ours.

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God’s Story & Yours

Shake Off Discouragement Digital Bible Study plus examples of Bible coloring pages, Bookmarks, and Printable Bible Verse Cards for Hope
Bible study title page: Fear What? Debunking the Power of Fear
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Free Online Bible Study available at the Bible Studies tab

Free Christian Resources like Scripture printables, graphics, devotionals, and more.

Bible Reading Plans like this one (Several others are available in the Subscriber Library, too.)

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Christian books in the background with the title in front: 5 Types of Bible Study for the Hungry Christian
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The Skinny About Me

I was a mail-order bride. Sort of. My retired Navy man, Tony, and I met in a letter over twenty years ago. We became Desert Storm pen pals in 1991 when my letter to “Any Service Person” was mailed into his life and, consequently, he sailed into mine. (Read more of our story here.)

I love a man in uniform and mine knows how to be oh-so-patient with me. The two mix much better than oil and water. We are living proof.

Hubby and I have three grown or nearly grown children: Joel, Rebekah, and Caleb. (If you haven’t already figured it out, the picture below is from several years ago. They were so cute, I couldn’t resist keeping it here online!)

After Tony & I got saved then baptized in a little lake near Newnan, Georgia, he reenlisted in the Navy. During our military years, we washed dishes and tossed laundry over chairs in Honolulu, Tampa, Atlanta, Virginia Beach, Jacksonville, and rural, northeastern North Carolina. Tough duty stations, some of those, but someone had to do it.
🙂 However, hubby’s now retired from the US Navy, and we’ve planted roots in Oklahoma.

And God? He continues to stand at our helm. He’s taken me from the tangles of depression, the dream nightmare of perfection, the nuance of pride, the cloak of rejection, and more. And if you haven’t already experienced this, He’ll heal you too. And what a story that will be!


About that Bio…

Kristi Woods is a speaker and author who loves to see women walk deeper with God Almighty. She invites others to join her in the faith journey. Kristi blogs regularly at as well at other publications and online sites. Her written and spoken messages invigorate women to walk deeper with Him, to leave behind a life of Sunday pew-sitting, becoming Monday through Sunday worshipers. She and her handsome, retired Navy man reside in Oklahoma with their adult or nearly adult children, rescued dogs, and two sometimes-at-odds cats.

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God, may You be praised in our lives and in all we do.

Much Love,