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Kristi Woods with her husband and three adult children
101 Prayers for Military Wives Gift Book cover By Kristi Woods
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Kristi’s Speaking Topics:

Rooting Deeper: How to Trust God When You Feel Inadequate


Encouragement to tune into the voice and truth of the One who has called us in order to mute inadequacy’s noise.

Rejection Denied: God’s On Your Side


Have you ever felt unwanted, discarded, or simply “not enough”? Has “Not you,” or “I’ve found someone else,” crashed down with the volatility and weight of a mountain avalanche?

When others cast us aside, it hurts. And sometimes we pack that pain for life’s journey, carrying it for years.

This session encourages women to deny rejection’s reach in their lives through the acceptance of their Father.

God’s Girl: Labeled by His Love

(Suitable for a retreat or keynote)

We display beautifully the handiwork of God Almighty. Our Father made us fearfully and wonderfully. (Psalm 139:14) Sometimes, however, women struggle to love others, but especially themselves.

In this session, women are encouraged to view themselves as God’s creation. It challenges them to step into a place of love and awe of God. Call it the beginning of a journey of loving God, self, and others.

Trust: Germination of a Bold & Beautiful Faith


When good times ring, do we trust God? What about the storms, when times of fear, discouragement, or dread hit? What then? Do we dare trust God when the consequences might hurt?

Trust in the Lord stands as an essential element in our spiritual growth and maturity. It strengthens us to weather those strong winds and storms blowing in life. This session will encourage women to trust God as a bold and beautiful faith unfolds.

Recommendations & Samples

Our ministry is relatively large, and comprised mainly of military spouses. Having been a military spouse herself, the stories Kristi shared to support her message were not only fun and engaging, but were scenarios that many of us could relate to. I very much appreciated how she spoke directly to our ladies without reading a lot of power point slides or notes, and that the steps she shared were not complicated, and easily applicable to our daily lives. Kristi’s message was an awesome reflection of God’s Word, and the scriptures she shared encourage me daily.

~ Maria H., Programs Director, Ft. Hood Protestant Women of the Chapel

Encouragement from Nehemiah – Strengthen These Hands
Current Church – Collinsville, OK

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This Is the Time: A Call to Wholeheartedness

“Lord, what do you want me to share?” I asked this question while seated in the sanctuary one Sunday. My pastor had just asked if I’d fill in while he was away. God answered that prayer with one word.

Here’s that message. (Around the 37 min. mark.) It’s for the church in the midst of this pandemic. Listen closely. God’s calling His children closer.