PracticalLY Wednesday: A Prayer for Trust

Sometimes we simply need a practical prayer tip, one that we easily can put into our routine immediately. Since Wednesdays are typically filled with practical tips, we decided to continue that routine during November’s Pray series. 
Throughout November, Wednesdays will be filled with practical prayer tips from various gals across the United States.
Today’s tip comes from Suzi DobiasShe’s an encourager and God girl for certain. She currently lives in California, but will be packing her bags soon to head back to the Aloha State.  Her practical tip is a prayer that can easily be personalized. I (Kristi) have added a few examples of personalization, located in the first two sentences in the ( ). 


Holy Father,
We (I, Kristi) come to you as your children (child).  We (I) seek your wisdom and will for our (my life) lives, yet we (I) battle every step of the way.  We want one way.  Your will is another.  We say we trust you, but we shake with fear.  We lay our requests at your feet and find no peace.  We continually pick them back up and grab hold of them.  We cling to them with our last dying breath, for we want to control the outcome.   


Your word tells us to bring our burdens before you.  You show us how we are to continue to come to you persistently and faithfully.  When we see our prayers unanswered, we give up and take matters into our own hands. Help us Father, to trust in you.  Help us to wait on you.  Help us to follow you and your will to the ends of the earth.   

We lack direction.  We need your wisdom.  Enable your people to submit, surrender, and be obedient to your will.  It may not be what we want, but you know exactly what we need.  As we go through these difficult seasons of life, help us to remember you are walking with us, hand in hand, even when you are silent.  Your silence does not mean you are absent.  Create in us a steadfast spirit that thirsts and longs for you like parched land.  Fill us with your Holy Spirit.  Rid us from the emptiness we feel.  Guide and direct us with your love, peace, grace, and faithfulness.  

Jesus, we give you our hearts and souls.  Hear the desperate cries of your people.  Deliver us from our selfish thoughts, ways, and desires.  Cleanse us with your love and light.  Thank you for choosing us and loving us the way you do.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Like the card you see above?  Click here to download it. (Monday’s card is located  here.)


A Bit More about Suzi Dobias ~
I am a Navy wife with 2 daughters. One is 12 and the other is 20. Our oldest one is on her first journey away from us, interning at Northpoint Community Church in Georgia. I have been involved in youth and family ministry for the past 20 years. I am a coach, an athlete, wife, and mother. The greatest role I have is the honor of being a servant and child of Christ. I did not grow up knowing Him, so my past is colorful to say the least. Last year, God had me on a journey and asked me to write about it daily. My goal was intentional relationships. He wanted me to reach out to at least one person a day for Him through my life, love, and story. The journey was humbling and at times hard and long. Holding onto Him and persevering through His strength spurred me on to get through each moment of each day and step boldly out of my comfort zone. All the while, hoping and praying that my experiences along the way are able to help others as we go through many of the same trials. I am humbled and blessed to be a part of His story. To God be the glory. You can find Suzi’s 365 Days The Journey on Facebook here or email her at

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  1. Dear Suzi and Kristi,
    Trusting God and truly leaving our life in His hands means we have to wait on His timing and not try to make “it” happen on our own. For me it is a daily and sometimes moment by moment surrender and recommitment to trust Him no matter what. Thank you for this beautiful prayer to give it all to Him : )