101 Prayers for Military Wives Gift Book

101 Prayers for Military Wives by Kristi Woods book cover

101 Prayers for Military Wives Gift Book
Coming July ’23!
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Hey, military wife, you’re not alone.

It may feel like it at times–with loneliness and the crushing load while he’s away. With schedule uncertainties and adjustments when he’s home.

But please know this.

God sees. (He does.)

He cares. (For real.)

He proves trustworthy. (Always.)

101 Prayers for Military Wives is an invitation to commune with and trust the Almighty with daily life as a military spouse. Bask in hope-filled conversation, lay out your requests, and lend a listening ear. Utter these prayers threaded with hope, ones hemmed in with peace. And cling to the Living God as you navigate each step.

You’ve got this, military spouse. Because God’s got you.

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101 Prayers for Military Wives book cover by Kristi Woods--encouragement for military spouses

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