Do You Ever Feel Unwanted? Hope Threaded Here

Winter lake scene with empty picnic table. Written across the top: Do you ever feel unwanted? Hope threaded here.

Do you ever feel unwanted?

What about that friend who always makes plans–but never includes you? Let’s talk about that spouse who walked out the door–forever. Or, maybe the child who never comes around or calls leaves us in tears or dismay.

Feeling unwanted hurts.

It sooths about as much as stepping on a sandbur (or regular, old field burs) with our bare feet. Ouch!

I’ve faced times when I’ve felt this way, especially in those formative younger and teen years. Think teenage dating scene.

And you know what?

Those situations, ones that seemed benign or deemed as a typical part of the growing up years (just “get over it”, but I didn’t) helped seed lies I believed for YEARS.

Years. Decades. Oy.

We wrestle not with flesh and blood….

…but against darkness and spiritual wickedness. (Eph. 6:12)

It’s not people we battle. Darkness wages war. We stand in the crosshairs–anything to keep focus and glory from Christ.

Isn’t it crazy how we believe or handle life and reactions to events based on a misplaced notion?

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But in Christ, we find hope for feeling unwanted. In Him, WE ARE WANTED.

Recently, I wrote a guest piece for Alisa at Flourishing Today. Alisa and I befriended each other in a COMPEL Training Critique Group a few years ago. Both of us harbor hearts for helping folks grow in their faith.

Come on over to Flourishing Today and grow. We’re threading the hope of Jesus Christ into your story and ours.

Click here to join us.

See you there!

Do you struggle with rejection?

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    1. Awe….that completely warms my heart, Betsy. Thank you for those kind words. Thank God He’s there, wanting us when man fails. Our God never ever fails. Love you!