Have you done it? 
Have you committed to walking closer to the Lord, hearing yet more words He whispers in love, in wisdom, in hope through prayer?
I’m thankful for the gals, those from the east, the west, the north, and the south…and those in between, who have written their words, tacking their very heart onto this blog during the month of November. They’ve given us a glimpse of their “walking closer” to our very real God. 
They’ve encouraged us to open those boxes and pour out to Godbecause He is safe. 
They’ve reminded us that we’re not lonely, that a Friend is always there.
They’ve asked us if we’ve ever prayed like Jesus, with surrender at the very heart of the matter.
And more. Much more.
Maybe you came into the series late, or the tick-tock of the clock paced too quickly. 
Regardless, the posts for the Pray series are here for you even though the series has drawn to a close. 
I encourage you to read each November post. They are encouraging, thought-provoking tools, stapled to the blogosphere, to help us draw closer to God.
December brings in the season of gifts and giving. 
Yes, we’ll go there too. 
Look for a few posts from me as well as a guest poster or two. Look for the nuggets, look for the gold. It’ll be there in the form of ONE of the GREATEST GIFTS: FORGIVENESS.

Until then,

Father God,
Thank You for this one reading these words. Thank You for making them in Your likeness and image. Thank You for loving them and me, even when we’re at the lowest, at our very worst. Thank You for forgiving us of our trespasses. Lord, there are many. I’m grateful that You can wipe them new with a simple “Forgive me, God.” I’m grateful that You were and are willing to forgive, that You set the standard and set it well. Teach this one whose eyes are here and me to run the race well with the baton of forgiveness. I pray that if we drop it, we’ll pick it up and run with perseverance. Prepare us to hear Your words, Lord. We are Yours.
In Jesus’ Name,

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