Here’s a Powerful Book That will Deepen Our Faith

A Christian book called The Spirit-Led Heart
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A powerful new book of faith hit bookstore shelves this month. It’s one that’ll deepen the faith of readers or at least cause them to pause in the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit-Led Heart: Living a Life of Love and Faith without Borders by Suzanne Eller shines boldly on bookstore shelves now, awaiting readers like you and me.

Spirit-Led Heart by Suzanne Eller

If you’ve read book reviews of mine in the past (7 pages’ worth await here, including Suzanne Eller’s Come With Me), then you realize “picky” describes my choices. I choose books with readers like you and me in mind. We’re special–God’s girls. Just “any book” won’t do. The choices reviewed and recommended on teach, they have depth and strong writing, and most of all, these solid reads draw us deeper to the heart of God.

This book made the cut – by a long stretch.

If we’re whispering honesty here, the start of The Spirit-Led Heart caused me to wonder if Suzie – a writing mentor, friend, and sister in Christ – had pushed this publication out the door too soon. Zeal and zip seemed absent initially. (Sorry, Suzie! Those were the thoughts tossing around inside my head.)

But that soon changed. And boy, am I glad I kept reading.

A few pages in, the Spirit-Led Heart grabbed my hand, and we dove straight into the deep waters of faith. The Holy Spirit and I walked through all 10 chapters, each one spiritual meat on its own, a gourmet feast when combined. Here are a few of the words and sections I marked in my copy of The Spirit-Led Heart:

  • Chapter 5 contains several powerful prayers, ripe and ready for our lips and hearts. (I want to soak them all in and keep them embedded in the heart forever. They’re good!)

  “Give me boldness to rest in my identity…May I live as if I’m yours.” (page 96)

  • Chapter 6 reminds readers they are worth fighting for. That chapter also offers this: “There’s no promise of an easy life, but there is promise of a full and abundant life.” (I like the idea and promise of a full and abundant life.)
  • Chapter 7, titled We Will Know What to Do, had one sentence that shined brightly to me: “When God speaks through the Counselor, it isn’t a rebuke, but a call to growth.”
The Spirit-Led Heart

A reader can’t help but grow through the powerful words on these pages. It’s a conversation centered on the Holy Spirit. Consider it a discussion occurring between friends, one encouraging spiritual growth without blasting the Holy Spirit all over us like a water hose’s spray to the face.

Suzie includes helpful study questions for each chapter at the back of the book. Use it for:

  • Home, small group, women’s group, or church studies
  • Homeschooling high schoolers
  • Self-study

To purchase The Spirit-Led Heart:

Click the following link.

230167: The Spirit-Led Heart: Living a Life of Love and Faith without Borders The Spirit-Led Heart: Living a Life of Love and Faith without Borders
By Suzanne Eller

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The publisher supplied a copy of this book to me, free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion. Sure did.  Sure is. 🙂 

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  1. That’s funny you say that about the first chapter, because it had me gripped with that first statement: “God loves you, Jesus saves you, and the Spirit helps you.” (My paraphrase) I guess everyone’s perspective is different!

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I also am really enjoying this book. Find it so interesting that I read Come with Me when I arrived here after our last home assignment, and now The Spirit-Led Heart as I prepare to leave. (During both of those times there was lots going on politically here that affected me.) God knows what we need. <3

    1. I love that description of the Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus – one of my all-time favorites, Betsy. (Somehow, my response to your comment here failed to post last week, so let’s try this again.)