Need a Good Read? Here are Two Good Books for You


One More Step


Does discouragement ever strike you? Maybe it brings you low?

How about out-of-control circumstances, are they causing life to spin?

Do you feel like giving up at times?


I get you. Rachel Wojo does, too. She faced discouragement in the midst of a broken marriage, watched as a terminal diagnosis dug its clutches into her daughter, and doubled over from the low blows of others’ hurtful words.

One More Step is Rachel’s first book, and it’s a goodie. In it she offers hope. Maybe I should say God offers hope, Rachel simply encourages us to turn our eyes His way. And she does a good job of it.

Initially, I pegged One More Step as a read only for those caught under the weight of heavy circumstances or in the midst of dire situations. It is for them, but they are not the only beneficiaries. Rachel gently folds her words around readers, warming believers of all weight-carrying levels, to the idea of trusting God – one step at a time.

Forgiveness, trust, and replacing negative thoughts with honorable ones are areas she delves into. Rachel is brave, opening those hard spots for exploration, offering her own journey as encouragement.

But there’s more.

At the end of each chapter, readers will find “Pillars of Truth” to lean on, Scriptures that build spiritual muscle for the journey.  “Stepping Stones”, each a call to action, follow closely behind.

This book is not simply a read. It’s Rachel’s invitation toward a journey, with action steps included.  It’s encouragement to handle the “next” step of life differently from past patterns. It’s a call toward spiritual maturity.

You’ll find more about Rachel Wojo’s One More Step, both the book and a downloadable journal, here. (Don’t miss the freebies!) Ultimately, don’t miss this book.

You Can’t Text a Tough Conversationbechtle-cvr.indd

Timing was perfect for this review. I needed this book! Maybe you do, too?

Using words wisely isn’t always my forte. I get nervous. Fear and doubt garner space, and they seem to come out with a pleckkk versus a nice, steady flow. Can you relate?

Having those tough conversations can make a girl feel like fleeing. They’re tough! And as one who has experienced a near marriage explosion due to an email misunderstanding – while hubby was deployed, of all things – I nod my head fervently that “we’re missing it”. Technology, emoticons and all, simply comes up short concerning communication.

Enter author Mike Bechtle with this new read from Revell: You Can’t Text a Tough Conversation: #RealCommunicationNeeded.

Communication has a process? Why yes, it does. And Mike goes there, shedding light to a seemingly dark and scary, unknown path. What are they thinking? Why do they react that way? This section gives insight for answering those very questions.

Where is your dad’s toolbox? It’s not here, that’s for certain, but there are plenty of tools in the midst of You Can’t Text a Tough Conversation. Maybe that’s why I loved this book so much, the practicality of it. Tools of communication and tools for healthy conversations fill pages with “hey, you can do this” applications. He brings the fine art of communicating to street level, do-able for any layperson.

Mike also offers skills for healthy conversations. After all, the fine art of “anything” requires skills. Why would communication be any different? Safety, eliminating intimidation, and starting with kindness are a few areas noted. In these sections, Mike gains credibility by offering insight into understanding folks and situations. I found myself saying, “So that’s why they do that…”, eyebrows raised and all.

A final section is reserved for growing into connection with family and other relationships as well as technology. This section is a “feet on the street”, application section. It rounds out this helpful read well.

The words threaded throughout this book are like a pathway offering takers sure footing and a faithful direction in the mountainous and harsh terrain of tough conversations. Those mountains are scaleable. Make certain to toss this book, tools and all, into your backpack before beginning the climb. You won’t be sorry.

Each of these books was provided to me free of charge via the publisher or author for review purposes. Opinions held here are mine and mine alone, but I’d love to hear your feedback, so comment away!

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  1. Good stuff! I’ve learned the hard way that emailing / texting is just NOT the way to go when it comes time to serious conversation and ironing out misunderstandings. It does nothing but harm.

    I should have picked up the phone, ya’ know?


  2. Am with you all the way, Linda. By the way, your regular visits here bring a smile every time. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. This includes effectively maximizing the website material in addition to
    things like the page titles, the meta summaries, and also the photo tags.

    1. You’re welcome, Rachel. It was a joy to read, a tool in the making for life’s “hard” that was right around the corner.