WORD17 Week 10

Welcome to WORD17! This month it’s all about remaining.

If we tell a child to “wait right here” or to “remain here until I get back”, what do we hope that child will do?

Action Step: Let’s jot down a few descriptors and see where our lists take us.

Did your list contain any of these words? It’s where my mind went.




Don’t Leave






John 15:7 calls us to remain in Jesus.

Us, remain, in Jesus – it’s our choice.

But remaining doesn’t stop there. Jesus prompts us to let his word remain in us. 

His word – in us.

Once again, it’s a choice.

Today, how are we choosing? Are we choosing to abide, stay, rest, and remain in Jesus?

How about those situations where fear, discouragement, control, or envy wave their flag? Are we remaining? It’s not always easy, is it? I’ve sprinted away from his word in many situations. It’s real life and it’s growth opportunity. We can beat ourselves up for the failures, or we can see “God-opportunity” and grow.

After all, if it weren’t possible to remain in even those tough situations, do we really think Jesus would have offered it?

Are you ready? Are you ready to take that 1 little situation and turn it inot a remaining opportunity?

Take today by the horns. Let’s submit ourselves to Jesus, remaining in him and remaining in His word.

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