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Find free downloads to help run the faith race well–and watch as Jesus unfolds His beautiful story in your life and others.

These printables may be used for personal and free ministry use only (more than 10 copies, request permission please).

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A Happy New Years Prayer Printable from Kristi Woods - a gold mark with the prayer
A New Years Prayer for Releasing Control Prayer Printable
Christian fiction short story title Lost Stiletto Cover page
Download or read online this exclusive version of Lost Stiletto, a Christian short story for subscribers
Time Capsule Year in Review Free Christian Printable
Find Year In Review for Family Time Capsules Printable Here

Free Downloadable Resources

Christian Fiction

Christian fiction short story title Lost Stiletto Cover page
Lost Stiletto
Short Story
Danvia’s Heart
Short Story
w/Coloring Page

Bible Reading Plans

30 Days in Psalms Bible Reading Plan
30 Days in Psalms
30 MORE Days in Psalms Bible Reading Plan
30 MORE Days in Psalms
Roses in the background with the Bible Reading plan list over top of them
Purpose & Power
15 Days in Matthew
Christmas Bible Reading Plan
Glimmers of Christ in the Old Testament
(5-Day Reading Plan)

Prayers & Proclamations

Prayer for Mother PDF
A Prayer for My Mother
I Am Enough Prayers and Declarations
I Am Enough Prayers and Proclamations
10 Excellent Verses to Pray or Profess
10 Excellent Verses to Pray & Profess Over Your Student or Loved One
7 Verses to Help Remove the Sting of Rejection
7 Verses to Remove the Sting of Rejection
Praying God's Word - Bible verses to pray
15 Powerhouse Prayer from Ephesian
flowers near banner for The Lord's Prayer for a free Christian art printable on prayer
The Lord’s Prayer
8×10 Printable

Warfare Prayers and Scriptures
Warfare Prayers & Scriptures
Free high school graduation prayer printable
Graduation Prayer Printable
A Happy New Years Prayer Printable from Kristi Woods - a gold mark with the prayer
New Years Prayer for Releasing Control


Printable bookmarks paper, sitting on a computer keyboard

Gratitude & Other Journals, Lists, Etc.

Gratitude Journal pages
Embracing Gratitude Bible Reading Plan +
Free Christian Planner Pages
Grab Your Planner Pages Here
Tan Version
Mint Green Version

Ministry Printables for Widows (Children & Others, too)

Stationery & Framable Prints

A sunshine with the words Hello Sunshine at the top, PS 90:12 WEB at the bottom
Hello Sunshine Letterhead
Good Morning Beautiful Graphic #1
Good Morning Beautiful Option #1
Good Morning Graphic #2
Good Morning Graphic #2


(See how many words you can make out of a bigger word.) These work great for in-person gifts and to send over-the-miles. My daughter and mother, who live 800 miles apart, complete them separately then compare answers. Sometimes, Mom’s sisters join in–all in their 70’s and 80’s. It’s a great bonding activity. Plus, kids enjoy these too!

Widow ministry anagram printable for the word thunderstorm
Fall leaves on an anagram for the word Everything
Widow ministry printable - an anagram for Quarantine
Printable anagram for the words New Year
Free Printable of Anagram - Philippians
Printable Anagram of the word Corinthians
Valentine Anagram Ministry Printable with the word valentine and a heart at top, a scripture, then lines to fill in words
Valentine Anagram Printable

Coloring Pages

Christmas coloring page
IS 7:14
Christmas coloring page for Acts 5:31
Acts 5:31
Christmas Coloring Page for John 1:14
John 1:14
Christmas Coloring Page 1 John 5:11
1 John 5:11
Christmas Bible Coloring Page for Adults
Luke 1:37
Christmas Bible Coloring Page with Scripture
James 1:17
Christmas Bible Coloring Page with Bible verse 2 CO 9:15
2 CO 9:15

To Encourage Others

business card printable with swipes of light green and the words (in brown) I'm Thankful for ______
Business card-sized thankfulness
Blue/Green circle

Bible Versions

These are the versions I turn to first. Here’s why:

WEB – Easy to read and is in the public domain

NLT – Super easy to read

MSG – In today’s language

My kids like reading this one because it’s easily understood, although it tends to be lengthier.

AMP – Allows for greater understanding

The AMP defines words and adds additional explanations for better understanding.

NIV ’84 – Because I’ve either been given or own several hard copies 😉

Blue/green circle


Multiple Bible Versions Under One Roof

Bible Reading Plans

Creatable Scripture Graphics

Daily Devotional

Bible Verse Memorization Tool

Blue/Green Circle


Writer Resources

Find a More Extensive Listing of Writer Resources HERE