The Power of Worship

…Then he fell to the ground in worship…

Job 1:20 NIV*

Job danced to life this week in a brand new fashion. Previously, he and his book of the Bible managed to elude my understanding, and it became a favorite to avoid like the plague.  However, this week revelation hit and praise rises to our Father above for His loving kindness.

During his first trial, Job fell to the ground in worship (Job 1:20)  Wow!  A trial, yet he found the ability to turn it all toward the Lord in worship. What a great encouragement Job is in the midst.  He faced much, yet he looked toward his Heavenly Father in worship.  The end result?  He successfully navigated through the barrels of difficulty and ended this trial in grand fashion.

Trial #2 appears to be a tad bit different, though. Granted, Job did not sin, yet there is no where that it states he worshiped the Lord. Instead, in Job 2:8 we find Job sitting among the ashes.  There is no worship; there is no praise. Instead, we find Job focusing on his problem and wandering into the land of questioning his whole being, wishing rather that he were miscarried or dead at birth. (Job 3)

In the midst of trials, it’s easy to wish for “different.”  The beckoning call of, “Why is this happening to me?” draws us as would a strong magnet toward steel. It can seem easier to sit amongst our ashes, scraping ourselves with the thoughts of frustration, blame, hurt, anger, etc. vs. turning in worship to the Almighty. Yet, Job is evidence of the power of worship.

When we sit in worship of the Almighty, our Heavenly Father who bathes us in His love, grace and mercy, amazing things happen.  Deliverance occurs, healing sets its place, love grows, forgiveness blossoms, power rises.

After all, He is the One whose wisdom sends the hawk into flight (Job 39:26).

Our Almighty is the One who commands the eagle to soar, and so it soars. (Job 39:27)

Our Loving Father is the One who clothes horses’ necks with flowing manes and gives them strength.  (Job 39:19)

He is the One who laid the earth’s foundations and marked off its dimensions. (Job 38:4-5)

He watches when the doe bears her fawn. (Job 39:1)

Oh, our Father is an amazing God!  He is worthy of our worship.  It’s a fabulous week, trial or not, to dive into worship, focusing not on our ashes, but rather the awesomeness of our Lord.

Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.  
Psalm 95:6-7a NIV*

Have a fabulous week of worship.
He Is,

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