Hope Awaits in This Verse – Grab It Now

Greenish-gray background with Psalm 34:9 written on it


How about some hope? It certainly awaits in this week’s memory verse.

We’re 9 verses into Psalm 34 – almost half way. Hang on, friend!

“But I haven’t memorized the other eight,” you might say. That’s okay. There’s still time. Pick up here and run straight ahead. Or, grab one of the previous PS 34 verses, memorizing it on the “in between” weeks. (Because we dig into new verses each 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.)

“But I don’t know how to memorize.” Many of us don’t. Here’s a helpful post for memorizing techniques. Who knows? One might fit today’s needs.

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And This…

  • Who has prayed for their enemies lately? It’s a scratchy notion for the flesh, isn’t it? But love – Jesus style – for our enemies proves powerful. Here’s a piece reminding us of the empowerment available from Above for this fruit-is-possible journey.
  • Have you gathered your FREE 3-Day devotional? Removing the Sting of Rejection was birthed by my own encounter with the Lord’s revelation and healing in this area. The freedom from rejection stands powerful and oh so sweet. Make certain to grab your free copy or share about it with a friend today at this link.  

Do you struggle with rejection?

Removing the Sting of Rejection

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  1. Hi Kristi … your posts remind me how grateful I am for all those verses I memorized when I was a young girl. They’ve stayed close, tucked in heart and mind. The old hymns, too …

    All that glory and grace ready to be accessed at a moment’s notice.

    1. Linda, I’ve recently come to understand how important those are – the ones we memorized in our youth. Honestly, John 3:16 is the only one I recall, but what a powerful foundation. And the hymns…yes! By the way, I tried to pop over and comment, but all Blogger blogs were acting a bit wonky on my computer, disallowing comments. Not certain if it was me or them, but know I’m over at your place reading…quietly. 🙂

  2. I’ve been lagging in motivation as I’m memorizing John 14, but your post is encouraging me! It really does pay off! I love all the good things you have going on, Kristi! Especially the Bible study videos. 🙂

  3. Oh friend, how I hate to admit, but I’m so behind on this!! Hopefully I’ll have some time soon to write it out and start catching up. (I tend to memorize best through writing.) I’m loving the verses though, and it’s certainly a good one to have written on our hearts. — Thank you for your sweet comment to me on #ChasingCommunity yesterday. Your words bless my spirit, friend. Thank you! I’ll still be writing in that space, so I hope you’ll pop over as you’re able, and I’ll do the same here. God bless you and your ministry, friend. Thankful for you. xoxo

    1. No worries, Brenda. <3 Space for grace, always. Hop back on the wagon any time. 🙂 I'm still working my way through the memory verses as well. And yes, I'll be popping in over at your blog. Wouldn't miss the opportunity because there's such peace at your place. God bless you, Brenda.