Then They Remembered…

Then they remembered his words.
Luke 24:8 NIV*
They went expecting death. They returned experiencing life and hope. It was the women who went to the tomb of Jesus. 
Their expectation likely included finality and grief, yet, by the power of God, they were reminded of promise and found life instead.
Remembering; the Lord is churning more frequently in me the need to remember the words and works of His hand, just as the women at the tomb did. When they remembered, they were changed. Their outlook moved from death to life as they walked away with a mission at hand. It was because they remembered the words of their Lord.
There is power in remembering! When I remember how the Lord miraculously spared me from an auto accident years ago, it brings hope. When I remember the Lord’s unquestionable answer to my prayer years ago, asking if my husband was to go back into the Navy, it brings strength. When I remember Prov. 3:5 and how the Lord calls for a trust with all my heart, hopelessness leaves as I know He will make my paths straight…because He has been true to His Word every time. When I wonder if I’m hearing Him, remembering His strong guidance and confirmation through His Word, dreams, prophecies and encouraging words is a reminder that He gives ears to hear.
Remembering: it is a powerful tool. It changes mourning to joy, death to life, and once we remember, we can’t help but go and tell others of the glory of our Lord. 
Grab a hold my friend and bring remembrance to light. Let the Lord use it to bring life to your situations.
Starting a “remember” section in your journal is a great way to start. List those promises He’s brought to life. Do you remember all those “moves of God” that you’ve experienced first-hand? List those too. Do you remember all those answered prayers, that healing, the worship-filled moments and the likes? They can go on your list too. The blessings, that deliverance, those answers to prayers…yep, they can all be listed as well.
So whether it’s one simple instance or a multitude, let the remembrance flow as He causes you to grow.
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