Let Us…#6

Although they’re not the deep green garden-variety, the various “let us” in the Bible bring vitamins and nourishment just as easily. The Bible type, however, provide not for our flesh, but are that supernatural boost for our spirit.

We’ve spent the last several weeks digging into the vitamins of Hebrews 10, and now it’s time to wrap up the “let-us” with a cartload of final comments from Hebrews 12. There are three specific opportunities, supervitamins if you will, for our encouragement. Let’s start with one today: Hebrews 12:1

…let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles…
Hebrews 12:1 NIV*

There are two hindrances here, do you see them? One are the things we put on that slow us down, divert us or somehow hinder. It’s like wearing a big, heavy coat while trying to swim in the ocean. It just doesn’t work well.

The other is bold-faced sin. It entangles, trips us up, and delays our progress. Both it and the things we put on affect our race.

The first, those things that hinder, can simply mean “busyness” that is not God’s, such as my time in a home-based business.  It was a great business, and I still love their products, but it was taking time that God was calling as His own. He wanted that time in order to prepare me for this season, yet I was busy giving it to kitchen tools. What a trade-off, eh?

Several years ago we began attending a church in Virginia. It was a dark time for me, a time when I was clawing out of the depths of depression. This church’s women were gathering one Saturday, so I joined them, in hopes of finding some “light”.

Upon prayer, one of the leaders looked at me and said something to the tune of, “Get out there. You’re supposed to be ministering to these women. What are you doing, sitting down?”   She didn’t know me, as we were new to this church, but the Lord had obviously showed her that I was sitting on my spiritual duffle bag. I believe that even back then, several years ago, the gifts He’s now using in me were there, ripening and being readied to use….but I had been tripped up far from the finish line. It was a delay.

Pride and withholding forgiveness had set me in the midst of sin that was entangling. It had literally tripped me up and I fell nose first on the running track of life. As a result, there were wide-open, gashing wounds that needed healing, but it was nothing that the Great Physician couldn’t bandage and find healing for, if I’d allow it.

It was a wake-up call for me. The words that sweet women said still echo in my mind today. I was tarrying on the track due to the entanglement, yet it was time to get up and start running once again.

When I allowed Him the opportunity, the Lord lifted me in a marvelous way.He faithfully led me in forgiveness and stripping of pride. Those entanglements, I’m excited to say, are gone.  Today’s a new day, the running shoes are tightly laced, and I’m off. Praise the Lord!

How about you?  It’d be great to have a running partner. If you need a hand up, consider this that hand. Grab it with firmness, throw off those things that are hindering and allow the Lord to untangle the sin through His forgiveness. Let’s run that race set before us with certainty and focus.

Have a fabulous week with eyes focused on the Lord, sweet running partner.

With Love,

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