WORD17, Week 1

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Welcome to WORD17!

It’s week 1 of our scripture memory program. Yay!

Who’s excited? Think about it:

  • God GAVE us these words.
  • These very words are bread to live by.
  • These words help guide against the grain of sin.
  • They are light to our path.

So let’s “light it up” and go!

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This year will be a little different from the past program, #ScriptureBank. This year we’re going for meat, not necessarily quantity. There is a small number of verses. But we’ll go deep. We’ll gather intensity. We’ll dig in.

Here’s what to expect:

~ 1 Verse/Month

Yes, one verse. Why? This is a year to focus intently on “little”, which is actually “much.” We’ll dive into each scripture with great depth.

~ More Graphics

Add them to your IG or Pinterest OR print them and tack them to the wall. Let’s keep the word in front of us and encourage others to soak in His word as well. There are far too many spiritually illerate folks treading time. Let’s throw WORD17 out there in conversation and on social media for purpose of “harvest.” One never knows…

~ Definitions, Conversation, Notes from Commentaries

We’ll go hand-in-hand, grasping understanding. There are 12 scriptures this year for intensity’s sake. Smaller amount, deeper focus. To grow, we hope to take these verses and become intimate with their meaning and with the Giver.

As we get ready for WORD17, would you mind coming alongside me in prayer? Maybe stop right now and simply throw one out there if you feel up to it. 🙂

There’s such a stirring to keep it simple yet profoundly deep. It will be a fruitful year for our faith. I’m not certain where the Lord is taking us, but we can be certain it’s good.  xo

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  1. Amazing you started with a verse that helped me in a super way in 2009! Love following you and live that our paths crossed!!

    1. Love that, Wanda! He’s such a good, good God. I love that our paths crossed, too. And…it’s safe to say ALL the family is glad for crossed paths with Captain Bob’s. 😉 lol