What the Boogie Man, Fear, and a Little Life Hiccup Have in Common


Welcome to 2017!

This post is a wee bit earlier than the Jan. 9 promised return. I hope you don’t mind if weย start the year early with a story and a review,ย a book too good to keep under wraps. Welcome to 2017, treasured one.ย 

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It arrived late. Little did I know “late” was a matter of perspective.

Many bloggers were well into their brand spankin’ new Fear Fighting book. They posted their ah-ha’s, their underlined words, their pink, blue, and yellow highlighted paragraphs – or maybe I imagined those highlights. Regardless, there was much excitement and a constant thread of God-glorifying posts filling our launch team’s Facebook page. And goodness, even Kathie Lee Gifford tauted it as one of her two favorites on the Today Show. All that praise-singing had me curious.

While all this excitement brewed, my copy of Fear Fighting was fighting – and fighting and fighting its way to the mailbox. The delivery service boogie man had taken it hostage somewhere between the publishing house and my faithful mailbox in Oklahoma.

That blasted boogie man!

Christmas was closing in. I’ll be honest, I began to stew concerning the whereabouts of the book. Any other “stewers” out there?

It was simply concern iced with worry.

Because that’s how we “stewers” operate, isn’t it? But sometimes I see a selfish motive underneath.

How will I get everything done?! I’m a slow reader, for goodness sake. C’mon book! 

If you read between the lines, you’ll see something to the tune of, This was not in MY plan.

The delivery service hostage takeover ended a couple of days before Christmas. The boogie man released his hold – finally.

Shame on you, boogie man!

The fight was tough, but my sweet little blue and brown Fear Fighting book made its way to the mailbox, right here in good old Okie subdivision, USA. I cheered.

Then came Christmas night and a little life hiccup.

Nurses and a Jewish doctor set their focus on my life-pumper as they tethered me to a machine. Yes, it was a hospital stay.

I stared, wide-eyed at the realization my plans were scattered and torn once again. AFib was their declaration. What?! I failed to fit a single category except being female.

Doctors released me the next day, and after rest, I felt fine. (We’re keeping an eye on things and gathering further tests.)

Soon after this “change of plans”, I began journeying through the pages of Fear Fighting. I felt certain I was there simply to help launch the book. God differed.

Fear was in the house. I hadn’t a clue. My Father, through the pages of one simple book brought it to light. Like my visit to the hospital, this fear was a heart issue. (And honestly, I wonder if both the spiritual and natural heart issues are related.)

God was on call.

It was that “stewing” thing again.

Do you ever feel scared of losing control? Maybe you’re a “stewer” too or have some other fear.

Perhaps we all house fear in some form or fashion. Over it all, however, we have a Father who longs to lead us in freedom. That’s where Fear Fighting goes. It takes us to the battlefront, with knees bent, staunch at the Throne.

And goodness, I had no clue there were so many fears.

Oh, Holy Spirit, awaken our courage to overcome fear!

Move aside boogie man.

You too, life hiccup.

This is space for the Holy Spirit. My heart is His. I’m fear fighting.

The dots between fear and control connected in a whole new way with His vision. The book – the one I stewed over – was “on time” after all. Praise God.

So as we take a few steps into 2017, then find ourselves trudging, skipping, running – whatever – further into the year, I’ll be looking to the Holy Spirit as His courage helps me overcome fear. I hope you will, too.

Run and find your copy of Fear Fighting anywhere books are sold. I hope God speaks to you through it in such a personal way as He did to me. But goodness, I certainly hope it doesn’t take the boogie man or a hospital stay. ๐Ÿ™‚

Note ~ This book comes equipped with a study, and there are MANY scriptures threaded throughout. God’s word speaks clearly and abundantly. Keep this in mind for your future Bible/book study needs. And in the meantime, don’t forget to visit www.fearfightingbook.com for blog freebies, a find your calling quiz, and more. You’ll find encouragement on Kelly’s blog as well: www.purposefulfaith.com.
This book was provided free of charge by the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion. My opinion? It’s a keeper!

Hey guys, there’s a contest over at FearFightingBook.com. My entry is #28, and it’s this post. If you’re up for voting, take a peek. I’d love your vote. Thanks!

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  1. God’s timing is always exquisite, isn’t it …

    Like the arrival of your book and visit to the hospital.

    He knew …

    And I hope you’re feeling stronger and resting well, friend.

    New year’s blessings to ya’ …

  2. I love this, Kristi. I am still marveling over the timing of this book! So many women needed this message for this specific time in their life. Wow. Amazing and praise God. Lifting you up in prayer today, friend.

    1. He’s displaying His might and love in magnificient ways with Fear Fighting. Thanks for the prayers, Abby. I’m not picky – I am thankful for each and every one.

  3. Wow, Kristi! I’m amazed at God! My hospital stay last year found me laughing over Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love, and laughter was just what I needed.

    I rejoice to see His timing to meet your need through a book as well. Kelly’s message is such an important one, isn’t it? I’m so looking forward to reading this week. I hope you’ll continue to feel well.

  4. Oh my goodness- space for the Holy Spirit! Yes. So sorry for your life hiccup- I pray the testing and follow up goes well. Love when the Lord ensures we’re listening- gives us something new to “stew over”- but in a good way!!

  5. That’s torturous to be the last to get the book and share in the conversation, isn’t it? But isn’t it sweet that God not only has the book our hearts need, but exactly when we need them? Happy Tuesday, from the #RaRaLinkup, fellow fear fighter!

  6. God’s timing is always so much better than ours:) Even when things don’t go our way – no, ESPECIALLY when things don’t go our way. We look back and see how His perfect plan taught us to grow and change into His image. What a needed message, Kristi. Wonderful devotion!

  7. One of my sons when he was little battled fear. He’d roll his eyes when I’d say in my most dramatic, theatrical, drawing out all the syllable (maybe even adding syllables), “Slay that monster FEEEEAAARRRR.” It’s one of the most liberating things we can do. Wonderful review! I will look into it. Praying there are no boogie men or hic-cups in your 2017!

  8. Well, my goodness. Hope you’re feeling better, Kristi. Will be praying for you. — And, how dare that boogie man! He can go get his own book! ๐Ÿ™‚ — I’ve been kicking myself because I forgot to order Kelly’s book when I was going crazy at Amazon the other week. sigh. Gonna order it with my next order. — Perhaps, like you, God’s got other timing involved and it’ll be ready for me when it comes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up with #ChasingCommunity today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I love how the book arrived just at the perfect moment…and that every moment up until then had you perfectly nestled in the Father’s hands. And yet, we still worry. I’m so grateful that you’re good and getting more answers and that the devil has another fighter to contend with! Love you, friend. xo