Book Review: Romancing Your Better Half by Rick Johnson

How’s your marriage? 
Do you ever put on your spouse’s shoes, role reversal at its finest? 
How about holding hands as often as possible? 
What do your words communicate to him…or her?
Romancing Your Better Half by Rick Johnson* is a new book on the market that digs into these very topics. Communication, romance, intimacy, his needs, her needs – they’re all in there. Sexuality, woundedness, and a few additional topics are expanded upon as well.
It took a bit for Rick’s words to capture me, but once they did, I was extremely pleased that I had taken the plunge to continue reading. There are many useful nuggets of marital encouragement in this book, and Rick has an uncanny way of speaking to both male and female readers alike. This book’s aim appears to have a slight lean toward husbands, but as a wife, I felt quite involved and included. I would certainly recommend it for either spouse.
Rick’s writing is very honest and practical. The sidebar tips he has included easily capture and recapture the reader’s attention. They were my highlighted words…without the highlighter. I’ll revisit them often.
The practical tip section at the end of each chapter was my favorite. It included three or four action steps that could easily be implemented in any marriage. The tips were conveniently located and had a “can do” air about them. They were simple and practical. I can see many couples using these with great success.
If you’re married, engaged, or know someone who will be marrying soon, I recommend purchasing this book. It’s a strengthener and builder-upper for any marriage. The tips alone make it worth its price, but you’ll certainly find additional marital nuggets hidden between the covers. 
Enjoy the read, my friend, and if you’re interested, Romancing Your Better Half can be purchased here.**
* I was provided a complimentary copy by Revell in exchange for my original, honest review. Yes indeed, this review is solely my opinion. 
** Thank you for considering this affiliate link.

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  1. My goal is to read more marriage books this year as a way to invest in my marriage so I will “pin” this to my “Books Worth Reading” board. Thanks for sharing, Kristi : )