The Garment of Praise

Isn’t this picture a beautiful scene? It’s very endearing to me because it’s our sweet daughter. Several years back in North Carolina she picked these “flowers”. They were technically weeds, but that was not a bother to our sweet daughter.  Instead, she made a bouquet of praise out of them. Can you see the trumpet of praise they sing forth to our Lord?  Beautiful!

He is doing something similar in my life: turning the weeds of discontent and criticalness into a new bouquet of beautiful praise.  He is teaching me to garment the raw, ugly spirit of heaviness with His praise in fabulous fashion.

Exodus 15 calls out the trumpet sound, reminding us to remember His mighty feats. Remembrance brings about the bouquet of beauty, the adornments of praise shining brightly. When we remember, light comes in.  Where there is light, there cannot be darkness. The two cannot coexist.

And so, for the spirit of heaviness, grab that garment of praise. (Isaiah 61:3) If you wish to join me, start your list of remembering the feats of the Lord, those places you have seen His hand in life, and lift them in praise to the Almighty. Feel free to add yours here as a post comment or make your own list at home.

Here’s the beginning of my list:
1. The cross and its promises.
2. Defeating death and resurrection.
3. Calling our family back into the military.
4. Paper towels (there’s a fun testimony to this one).
5. Drying the sea.
6. And more…..

Have an awesome week, warmed with the garment of praise.  He is worthy.

He Is,

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  1. This reminds me of something pastor said Sunday. He said that often we pray for the darkness to go, but instead we should pray for more light to invade or else the situation will be like the man who had the demon cast out only to be oppressed by 7 more because he had nothing to put in its vacance. May the light of the Lord be upon you and your family.