Determing My Worth

Ugh. Look at that mess. Again.
The crowd of crumbs congregated. Papers lay strewn. Shirts, coats, and socks that reeked like last year’s laundry were tossed about as if a tornado had somehow ventured into our faithful Ellie.
There were light morsels, dark ones, itty bitty bitty ones. Clinging to seats, scattered on the floor, they were in full force in our silver minivan. My shoulders sunk at the sight.
In days not long before, that view would have sealed the deal. My selfie would have been labeled Messy.
Falls short…every time.
Or Never gonna get her act together.
But not today.
My minivan and its cleanliness does not determine my worth. 
And it doesn’t determine yours either, friend.
Whether you roll in a clean set of wheels or a bit of grit and grime like mine, it’s the Lord who determines worth.
He calls you Masterpiece.
Dearly Loved.
At your worst, He is faithful.
Whether it’s a messy van, the not-so-perfect hair, a colossal flub, children who stray, sin…again!, or missing perfection’s target for the millionth time, He loves  you.
Garnering even a small glimmer of that depth of Jesus’ love means life is changed. Because love changes things. 
Have you been changed?
Today, my selfie says Loved…dearly.
And right under that are planted the words More Than Enough.
And yours? Your selfie. I hope it says the same thing today.
A #Selfie Prayer for You Today~ 
Thank You for loving me at my worst. Thank You for loving me in spite of messy vans and missing perfection’s target. You call me Your friend and masterpiece. Show me the depths of these, Lord. Show me how much I am loved, so I’ll no longer look for things in the mirror that aren’t truth. Seed deep within me Your truth. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Linking up today with Suzie Eller at #livefree Thursday.

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  1. I love that Kristi – the cleanliness of your minivan does not determine your worth. Thankful that the lack of hair styling going on today does not determine my worth – Jesus does!! #LiveFreeThursday 🙂

  2. “Garnering even a small glimmer of that depth of Jesus’ love means life is changed. Because love changes things.” Love that His love changes me but that He loves me in the middle of my messiness

  3. What a cute little blog you have here, Kristi! It’s my first visit and I’m so glad I’m here. It sounds to me like that messy minivan is lived in. It holds memories and love. The crumbs are perhaps a reminder of your children, the dirt a reminder of your pets that make life more fun. The smelly clothes…maybe a sign of your able-bodied children who excel in sports. Any coffee stains compliments of the husband? May the stains make you smile on a bad day. Maybe, just maybe, this dirty minivan of yours is something to be really thankful for. It can define your life in all of the best ways. Blessings!