3 Steps to Be More Intentional in Your Faith

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(This post is second in a series called #eveninthelittlethings. Week one is just a stone’s throw back here.)
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I’ve realized the need to be more intentional in my faith. Too many activities and choices crowd out communion with my Lord.

He desires to have our heart–our whole heart. Sometimes, I sadly offer, He doesn’t have all of mine. You too? Let’s get intentional this year. Right now. Ready?

How Can I Be More Intentional?

The waves crashed onto the shore, one after another. Time offered little opportunity for waste. Each move I made had to be calculated and accomplished with the speed of a gal on a mission.

Wave in (to the shore). Gal out (of the wave’s path).

Wave recoiling (back into the ocean), gal attempting the sand sprint toward the water while, under her breath, sputtering, Please glass, stay in the same spot. There’s one!

I quickly grabbed at the sand. A pile of light tan, heavier grains overflowed my palm. I could only hope the treasure was buried somewhere within it.

The sand grains here were larger and grainier than the type Florida’s beaches offered. They resembled small pebbles versus the light, floury texture often found in the Sunshine State. Regardless, grainier sand couldn’t prevent me from loving our three years of living in Hawaii nor this beach. And it certainly wasn’t going to stop me from sea glass hunting.

Finding sea glass was a mix of sport and curiosity. I loved anticipating the treasure that awaited with each day’s hunt. The colors, the shapes, they varied by the day. The spirit of suspense kept me coming back time after time.

At this particular beach, however, it was imperative to have a plan and be intentional. Without either, failure was likely. The waves crashed onto the shore, a tiny lull between their recess. Seconds counted.

I stood at the shore, eyeballing the proposed treasure area, preparing to fine-tune my focus on one, small, tumbling piece of glass. Like an eagle following a mouse from far above, I readied to swoop down and gather my prey. At the moment the water began to recede, I went in for the kill.

The strength of the water’s current often stole treasure from my clutch, so a ladylike grab never sufficed. An intentional fist-digging, hand-grasping, sand-under-the-nails, rocketing-like-an-eagle effort was a must. Somewhere in the resultant pile of sand was, hopefully, a gem of blue, green, amber, red, or orange sea glass treasure.

Yes! Sea glass.

Yes! A small, tossed, edges smoothed, frosty appearance, itty bitty, tiny piece of sea glass.

Although small, every find was precious.

Creating An Intentional Life

We face “little things”, those seemingly small decisions, hurdles, and frustrations, in our day-to-day life, I believe there is a spiritual treasure when we release them to Jesus. Call it creating an intentional life.

Just as sea glass hunters must be intentional when waves are diligent, we are well-advised to be diligent with the “small things” as well.

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Last week in this post we discussed a marker as I introduced “little things”.

Today, we’re discussing being intentional with that “little thing” you noted.

God put his finger on one little area, the one He wants us to release control of. Now what?

Stare at it?

Hope it’ll go away?

Wish it away?

No, my friend. Like the hunt for sea glass, releasing even the little things is an intentional move. Here are three steps, based on 1 Peter 5:6-8, that will help with your intentional journey, even with the little things.

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Living Intentionally with God

Here are three ways to be more intentional–to live intentionally with God.

1. Humble yourself

Acknowledge that apart from Him you can do nothing. (John 15:5)

Trying to overcome the “little things” without the Lord’s strength is a mute point. It won’t work. God gives us vision and strength in the battle against control. He shows us things that are hanging out in our heart, beliefs we had no clue about, and lies that need to go.

2. Cast your cares

If you went pole fishing, but ceased to cast your hook, how would you catch fish? You wouldn’t. Fishermen are intentional about casting their hook. Likewise, cast your prayers and communication with God, even with the little things. Be intentional in prayer, asking for guidance and strength. Be willing to repent when hiccups occur, because that’s life. Hiccups happen. That’s, thankfully, why we have Jesus.

3. Be alert

The “little things” attempt to slide in without our realization. Let someone know you’re in a battle for control. Find an accountability partner, someone who will come alongside you daily, weekly, or on a regular basis. Whether they are next door or attached via technology, your friend’s prayers, reminders, check-ins, and encouragement can be influential in your success.

Also, continue to press into God’s truth. Whether it’s a daily study or a scripture specific to your situation, continue to hone and use your sword. (Eph. 6:17, Heb. 4:12)

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Be Intentional: Remember that God cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

Even in the little things, He cares. Wisdom prompts us to remember this by flipping through the pages of the Bible, reading about the victories and miracles. So when it comes to faith, be more intentional, my friend. I will be, too. We won’t be sorry.

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  1. I also live near the beach and completely appreciate you day of sea-glass hunting. When I started my Christian journey toward faith in earnest, casting my cares became an hourly event. This is lovely encouragement, Kristi, thank you.

  2. Kristi, I love the steps you shared with being intentional. They will help me put action to my choices.

    And the next time we talk, you are going to have to share with me some sea glass spotting tips. I’ve lived by the beach since ’97 and have never brought home even one piece of sea glass. : (

    Thank you, Kristi, for sharing your heart at #IntentionalTuesday on Intentionally Pursuing. : )

    1. Sea glass tip….go to Ewa Beach in Hawaii. 🙂 I think my friend near Melbourne Beach finds quite a few, though. Not certain about your side of the surf. As always, thanks for stopping in, Crystal. Sea glass or not, you words always encouragement.

  3. Kristi, I love beach combing too, and I love that 1 Peter scripture. It’s one of my favorites. As I read this, I’m reminded of the many “little things” God wants to change, where I need to humble myself before Him!

  4. I need this. It is the prayer of my heart to be more intentional in every area of life. Love the references to sea glass! Such a metaphor for the tumbling off of my rough edges!

    1. The softening of those rough edges, it’s a bit of a tumbling mess in the midst, but beauty at the end is worth it. Your visit is a blessing. Thank you, Michele.

  5. Great reminder that the “little things” are important. Glad to be neighbors over at Coffee for Your Heart!

  6. Love this, Kristi! Especially staying alert – keeping short accounts with God and having those trusted people who know will speak truth with grace into our lives. Reminds of the verse…”catch for us the little foxes that ruin the vineyard.” Always blessed by your insight, Krist. So glad I stopped by from Holley’s.

    1. Oh, yes! Those little foxes…. You’re a blessing, Tiffany. Thanks for stopping by and offering your sweet words.

  7. Yes, I want to just lean on God to understand how much he cares. That point is so transformational. Add in the part about humility and then we really start making strides. These are great points Kristi – life-changing points. Thank you for your words today. They bring my heart a little bit closer to Jesus. Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

  8. Thanks Kristi, wrote these 3 steps in my little spiral notecard note book, to carry with me for a reminder in “those” moments that come so often. 🙂

    1. What a good idea, Karen! A notebook, I love it. They’re God’s words, straight from 2 Peter, so there’s power in them.

  9. I’m a newbie to the sea glass hunt. But I can so see what you are describing … And sea glass is indeed, a treasure. Love your statement about being diligent in the small things. And that God cares about our obedience in them.