Can the Bible Really Help Me? A Bible Review

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Have you ever asked, “Can the Bible really help me?”

Maybe you’re in a pinch, a bad situation, facing family turmoil, or simply don’t know where to turn. God, through His Word, helps people just like you and me.

He has guided me often with the Bible. Once, I faced an emotionally charged church meeting, one in which folks were taking sides for various leaders. I walked into the gathering armed with 1 Co. 3–a charge to keep eyes on Jesus and follow Him, not man–and walked out a little shaken but standing firm on the Rock. I was a new Christian at the time and nervous as all get out. God led me to the passage that helped me successfully navigate those choppy waters.

He’ll help you, too.

What Is the Bible?

Call it our Father’s guidance–or love notes as I sometimes say–every day words packed with spiritual fervor and power given to us for day-to-day life. The Holy book whispers God’s will, paints His picture, points toward good and godly direction, proclaims love, and sets the record straight about Jesus as well as forgiveness. The Holy Bible enables us to stand firm on right choices when impatience, anger, or other emotions attempt to sway us in a dangerous direction. It notes hope, describes God, and proclaims the way for eternity.

I get a little giddy when it comes to Bibles. I use one regularly to aid in Bible memory programs like Who AM I?, study topics like forgiveness, and find encouragement for times when I feel left out and battle other finicky feelings.

Recently, Thomas Nelson Publishing sent a Bible to review. I think you’ll like it. Allow me to introduce you to The NKJV Study Bible: Full-Color Version.

The BIBLE Review

The NKJV Study Bible: Full-Color Version, updated in 2018, is a delightful version. I’ve been using it for my own study recently and LOVE it! You might too.

Here are a few things I dig about this Bible:

  • THE COVER The sturdy, cranberry bonded leather cover will make a girl swoon. There are additional cover options as well, including leather and hardback.
    Each book of the Bible offers one. The introductions help us understand who the author is, when they wrote the piece as well as a bit of historical background and theology. There are timelines, too. Oh, and pictures. (Love those color pictures.)
  • MAPS
    Handy dandy learning tools for better understanding battles and journeys.
    The concordance quickly became one of my favorite Bible tools as a new Christian. It helps reference verses containing “abundant”, “enemies”, and many other key words. It’s super useful when diving into word studies.
    Not only are there notes for most verses that take us into deeper understanding of that verse or passage, but there are also colored boxes of additional information along the way that help readers better understand Biblical times and culture as well as charts comparing and listing items or events related to that passage. For instance, a page in Revelation houses one titled God and the Problem of Evil. The book of Ezra offers explanation of “remnant” and “Jews”. This section is probably my favorite.
    Also, the NKJV Study Bible: Full-Color Version contains sections at the back on The Bible as History, various tables, a dive into theology’s definition, and several charts and lists (like Prayers of the Bible). Can you imagine the help they offer during study time? (I salivated a bit extra flipping through those pages.)
    If you dive into word studies like a woman clad in a bathing suit on a hot, summer day catapulting herself into aqua-colored cool waters, then you’ll like the word studies section. Yes, please.

Take a Peek


To Purchase

If you’re giddy for digging into and studying the Bible like me, consider this one. If you’re a new Christian, uncertain where to turn in the word, or if you’d like to purchase one as a gift to give, grab the NKJV Study Bible: Full-Color Version from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

You can purchase the NKJV Comfort Print Full Color Study Bible, Imitation Leather, cranberry here or anywhere Bibles are sold.

As a participant in the Blog About Blogger Network, the publisher provided a free copy of the NKJV Study Bible in exchange for my honest review. Only those items readers of will likely stamp “helpful” in their faith walk are accepted for this endeavor. 
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  1. I love a good study Bible. Although for devotional/personal reading, I don’t use one, I love having one to pull out if I’m preparing a talk. For years, I’d grab my English study Bible often when we led inductive Bible studies on Thursday nights in Turkey! It would be so helpful when questions/conflicts about the Word came up.

  2. What a beautiful looking Bible, Kristi! My NKJV MacArthur Daily Bible is being held together with packing tape as I begin my sixth straight year of reading through God’s Word. The Bible I study with is a gift from my parents given to me eleven months before my stroke. A lot has changed since then;) Anyway, thank you for sharing this review. Have a fantastic week, and may God continue to bless you and yours in all your endeavors in the New Year.

    1. Horace, your comment warms my heart. 6 years and packing tape….I love it! Y ou’re eating that daily bread. 🙂 And what a nice gift your parents gave you with the Bible. One of the best gifts they could give, surely. You have a fantastic week as well, friend.

  3. Yaaay for a Bible review! I just love getting a new Bible no matter how many I have simply because of all the added features Publishers add these days. The one you reviewed, Kristi, sounds like a good one- especially with the words studies included. One of my Bibles includes that as a feature and it’s been so helpful to me throughout my studies.

  4. I have the older NKJV Study Bible and still go back to check notes from it. This one looks wonderful with so many new and added features. I’ll have to remember this one for gifts.