When You Don’t Feel Loved Lean On This

Lean on this when you don't feel loved
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Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you didn’t feel loved? I have. My guess is most of us can raise our hand to that question.

How do you handle those situations?

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My love language (from the Five Love Languages) hovers somewhere between acts of service (Whoops! I almost called that “works.”) and words of affirmation. Whenever harsh words from others slice at my heart, I crumple a bit–okay, ALOT– and love flies right out the window.

I feel unloved.

Honestly, it takes me a bit to rebound.

But Jesus remains patient as I learn that my feelings don’t affect God’s truth. Ever.

Neither do yours.

How about that?!

We serve a God of love and truth, a Father who desires to see us rebound with His strength.

When the world stands against us…God loves.

When we land with a crushed heart after our spouse’s affair hijacks our marriage…God’s loves.

When our kids walk away from faith and us…His love remains.

When words land heavy…His love steadies us.

When our dream of marriage never materializes, true love does.

Whatever our “when”, God loves.

John 3:16

Once a week, Mrs. Kempher floated into the public elementary school for religious ed. I always looked forward to time with the twinkling blue-eyed woman. Her smile advertised sweetness, her quiet voice too. That petite, beautiful woman taught me my first Bible memory verse.

In an upstairs classroom, she fed John 3:16 to us students like baby food to an infant. I can still recite John 3:16 from memory. Thank you, Mrs. Kempher. I hope you can hear from heaven.

Even more so, thank you, God for your Word and love.

Thank You, God – A Prayer

Thank you, Father, for propping us up with your Word–even when we don’t feel loved. Thank you for giving us truth that trumps feelings, for being a Rock on which we stand solidly. Thank you for loving us, SO loving us, even though we don’t deserve it. You are a good, good God, and we love you.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

Who Am I? 2019 Memory Verse Program

The words of John 3:16 on a white background

Now for this week’s memory verse: John 3:16. Pin it, print it, share this post with someone who might not feel loved right now. Whatever you do, grab this verse and run with it.

Verse number 2 of 22 sits full of promise–love.

You are loved.

The previous memory verse, John 1:12 reminded us, if we believe in Jesus, that we are children of God.

I am a child of God.

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Have a beautiful day.

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  1. How important it is for us to remember in every situation how God loves us, Kristi. Thank you for this reminder. May God overwhelm you with showers of blessings in the New Year. Be well, friend.

    1. She was a jewel, that’s for certain. And you’re welcome for the mention. I’m thankful you offer such helpful posts.

  2. Wonderful words of reassurance for those times when we don’t feel loved. I too have words of affirmation as my love language so thoughtless or critical words really cut me to the core. But you are so right that none of that changes what God thinks and feels about me. Thanks for sharing this with us!