Decisions, Decisions

…and Noah walked with God. 
Genesis 6:9 KJV
The children and I are cruising through Genesis right now in our history and Bible studies. In past weeks we’ve walked through creation and the tribulation of Adam and Eve. We also hit upon the trials of their children, Cain and Abel, noting the hefty price Abel paid for Cain’s disobedience. Neither were a glorious scene.
Today we turned the corner and headed into the land of arks, animals & Noah. In the midst of that lesson, the conversation turned toward how our decisions affect others. After all, Eve’s decision affected Adam. Adam’s decision, combined with Eve’s, then affected children, colonies, and communities yet to come. It impacted many to say the least.
Noah, however, had a different affect on the generations. His walk and decisions impacted his family in a glorious righteous manner. He walked with God and made decisions accordingly. Those decisions impacted his wife and his sons, as well as his sons’ wives and the generations yet to follow. It was widespread, and it was gooooood!
I wonder…
How are my decisions today affecting the generations?  
Am I truly walking with God? With each breath, am I still “right there”, in that place where He is? Or, have I wandered a bit…. Or, maybe I’m clinging tightly, being encouraged with each choice, standing in the shadows of His righteousness and strength. 
How is my choice to allow life to flow from my tongue (or not) affecting those I don’t even know yet? How is the decision to take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ (or not) affecting my husband, our children, neighbors, parents, friends, etc.? How is my choice to stomp out jealous thoughts (or not) with the blood of Christ ushering life to myself, my family and generations yet to come?  
I ask all of those because each is a decision I face often or have faced recently, and my guess is that there are a few  ( a lot) of you out there facing similar decisions. We’re all “real” and have Adam, Eve, Cain & Noah type decisions to face each day. They may not be decisions of flood-wide proportions, but they are choices of whether to walk with the Lord in our mindset, our words, our actions and our lives. And, every one of them affects our relationship with our Lord as well as at least one other person.
Can I encourage you today with God’s Word?  
Be a Noah. Walk with the Lord. 
Put on those God shoes and stroll, walk and sprint alongside the glorious one who saves and delivers. If you don’t know Jesus as Savior, start there. If already you’re Heaven-bound because Jesus is in your heart, stay in the ark, so to speak, and keep listening for the word of the Lord. Continue in obedience, reading, praying and waiting upon Him in faith, even when it gets a bit stinky in the “ark”. The Lord’s wisdom will see you to dry ground, bring fruit and multiplication as a result, and the air of existence will be fresher there as a result. You’ll affect nations and generations yet to come. And, you’ll look back and say, “Look where the Lord has brought me.” 
Yes, indeed, be a Noah, and walk with the Lord today.
All Glory to Jesus’ Name,

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