How Are You Made? {New Memory Verse!}

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How are you made? Who are you?

Bible Memory Verses

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Trials may usher us straight to this question: How am I made? Uncertainities and the comments of others may too. However, our 2019 memory verses are rushing to the rescue.

Gems like today’s verse are helping us proclaim our true identity. (Can I get an “Amen”?!)

Scripture–the very God-inspired words of the Almighty as penned through man–assures we are:

  • God’s Children (believers)
    We are His
    A part of
    A member of the family
  • So Loved
    Even when feelings drag us toward a different assurance
    In the face of failure
    When others walk out or away
    At our very, very, lookin’-bleak, darkest, lowest point in life

This week, in 2019’s 3rd memory verse, we receive affirmation that yes…

We are made in God’s likeness and image.

Ocean backdrop with the words of Gen. 1:27

Knit together by the Creator of the universe–fashioned in His likeness and image.


Generation after generation, the devil attempts to undermine the Rock-solid, truth-invested reality of who we are in hopes we’ll teeter and stumble or simply fall. Anything to deny the True and Living God. Whatever it takes to steal glory from Above.

But we serve the Almighty, the Creator of all. His power causes praise. He solidifies our creation in His likeness. His image. He assures we are loved immensely–enough that a man should die for us, and that, as believers, we are family.

So there you have it–an answer to “How are you made?”

Truth for your today. Tomorrow too.

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  1. I studied those verses last week after the legislation that came out of NY. Such a juxtapostion of God in immense love stamping us with his image and the legislation making it possible to snuff that life out. I didn’t end up pushing publish on my writing because I was still stewing over my thoughts, but boy, did God’s grace toward us hit home.

    1. So very true, Lisa. I’m working on a talk that includes being made in His image. All.the.Scriptures assuring our identity.