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When I ventured into the book of Daniel this year, I didn’t plan on emerging with the beginnings of a Christmas Bible reading plan. But then came Micah where the promise of Christ unfolded again. Intrigue at finding Christ in the Old Testament set in. As a result, I put together several Old Testament passages for a short Christmas Bible reading plan.

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What Book in the Bible should I read for Christmas?

Honestly? Any book of the Bible. Many folks love to read the book of Luke for Christmas. It’s most pointed toward Jesus’ conception and birth. It contains passages of other people and angels involved in this wonderful story, too.

Check out Matthew for more of the Christmas story. I especially love reading about the Magi in this book of the Bible. (This is one of my favorite posts about Christmas and the Magi. )

Christ in the Old Testament

He’s threaded throughout both the Old and New Testaments. Isn’t that lovely–to consider that God set a plan in place in the beginning? The book of Esther, the passover, and so much more point to Christ. So does this short Bible reading plan offered at the end of this post.

After you read through this post in its entirety–because there are several helpful tools you’ll likely want to download–make certain to hop over to this piece from CRU and The Jesus Film Project called “55 Old Testament Prophecies about Jesus.” It’ll make a nice addition to the reading plan offered at the end of this post.

Grab Your Free Christmas Bible Reading Plan

Use this free tool for yourself or others. Here’s a link to Glimmers of Christ in the Old Testament: A 5-Day Christmas Bible Reading Plan. It’s available here through 2020. Find it in the Subscriber Library afterward. Enjoy your time with the Lord in His Word as you find hope now and throughout the year.

Copy of Glimmers of Christ in the Old Testament: a 5-Day Christmas Bible REading plan - Download here

(Keep reading for links to other helpful downloads and the bonus Christmas coloring pages.)

Other Free Bible Reading Plans

In the Subscriber Library here at, you’ll find tools to help grow your faith. This includes other short, free Bible reading plans. (Because my short attention span works best in short spurts!) Look for plans like the below ones in the Subscriber Library.

  • 30 Days in Psalms
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One Year Bible Reading Plan

A former pastor of ours highly encouraged reading the Bible in its entirety each year. Every December and January, he held up a stack of pre-printed Bible reading plans. He was on to something.

Reading the Bible remains paramount for Christians, yet Biblical illiteracy runs wild these days. We face a choice, friend. How about setting a plan this year to read the Bible daily? To dwell in His Word and meet God there in the pages of Genesis through Revelation. To learn righteousness and his loving and holy commands. To soak in His promises. Sound good?

Here are several Bible reading plans, in case you’re interested in pursuing a year-long plan or, like me, something in smaller bites. Grab what works for you, and if you fall off the cart throughout the year, hop back on. Simply soak in His Word and wait to see what God Almighty reveals.

Whether it’s for the year or this Christmas Bible reading plan, may the Holy Spirit soak your reading time with His wisdom. May the spirit of Christ dance to life on those pages, and may you find yourself grounded even deeper in faith with the awesomeness of our God. He reigns.

Bonus Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Coloring Pages

We love widows, and the Bible instructs us to take care of them. Both the Free Christian Printables page and Subscriber Library contain ministry tools that are easily downloaded (for free) and slipped into an envelope or sent over email to widows, shut-ins, and even the young and vibrant. Dig in, friend.

With so much isolation this year, these tools are especially helpful. I’ve noticed some of the widows in my life love coloring pages. So I’ve created several Christmas coloring pages. One is available here.

Christmas coloring page

Three others are available in the Subscriber Library. (Password was in last Friday’s email I sent to subscribers and each newsletter sent near the beginning of the month.) Grab these coloring pages soon, and get ’em in the mail or dropped at a doorstep. It costs so little yet means so much.

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May your time in God’s Word be rich, too, as you grab this Christmas Bible reading plan and keep focus on Christ during this holiday season.

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