Are Widows on Our Radar? {Download Free Stationery}

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Are Widows on Our Radar?

We’re on a journey.

To grow.

To grow in God, deeper in our relationship Him.

Add service to the mix. Because faith without works is, well, dead. Where do widows fit in that mix?

Who’s visiting the widows? Are we?

Focus on Ministry–Widows, Love, and More

Week 1:

Service – loving our neighbors like ourselves, taking good and using it to overcome evil – that’s what we’ve scribbled on October’s agenda. We’re focusing on love and service as a celebration. We’re combating evil – like Vegas and more. Find out more about our celebration here at week 1.

Week 2:

Sometimes I have trouble thinking of ways to outreach. Here’s a link with 15 ideas in case you have those times too. That was week 2.


And here’s yet another piece on geared toward loving those struggling with divorce.

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Week 3–Centering on Widows

After Dad died, Mom suddenly found herself a widow. And I found myself heading back home, 800+ miles from Mom, questions in tow.

Who would be there to eat lunch with her?

Who would help with email questions?

How about keeping her company and holding conversations?

The whole scenario caused me to widen my view, look beyond the span of my own little world. Several other widows, many a part of life from my wee years, came into view. And I realized I was a piece in the puzzle of looking after those women.


Through phone calls and letters.

“Pure religion and undefiled before our God and Father is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained by the world” (James 1:17 WEB).

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Fear What? Debunking the Power of Fear

Loving the Fatherless and Widows

How are you and I loving those fatherless and widows in their affliction? Are we visiting them? Talking Jesus? Praying alongside? Taking food or spending time simply talking? Maybe it’s a coloring book or word search. Perhaps it’s a simple letter or phone call.

That’s a question answered between each of us and our Father. But Scripture paints a picture of keeping widows on our radar.

Bible Verse

Printable for Widows

How about heaping love on widows?

Call it love letter writing equipment for pouring love the neighborly way. Although small here, it’ll fill up a piece of paper nicely, offering stationery for that widow in mind.

(Edit 3/23/20: I’ve created several free printable available to you for ministry and personal use. All are available free in the Subscriber Library. Log in found on the Free Christian Resources page. Not a subscriber? Sign up here. )


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  1. A beautiful invitation to reach out to those around us … to put ourselves in the shoes of others for a little while, to offer the gift of relationship, of listening, of presence.

    Thanks for taking us there this morning, Kristi …

  2. I’ve enjoyed this series, Kristi, especially the one on neighbors. But this topic you’re bringing up is important. It’s so good to honor older people by reaching out, even with a phone call. I know that after my dad’s wife died, I’ve called him more, and wouldn’t it be good to do that same thing for another widow who needs it? Thanks for bringing this up.

  3. Thank you for reminding me of this opportunity for ministry and serving others in love. I love how James, without discounting our grace-given salvation, tells us how to live out our faith well.

  4. This is so important and often times missed by many. Sure we come to the aid of those who are widows right when a death happens but what about the months and years later? When my mentor (my spiritual mother) lost her husband, I began to understand the revelation of this verse at it’s depth. Thank you for reminding all of us of what God expects. Stopping by from By His Grace Bloggers.

    1. Yes – those months and years later. Sorry to hear your spiritual mother lost her husband. Praise God you have eyes that see, Timberley.

  5. What a beautiful thing to encourage us to do, Kristi! It’s amazing how seeing our own parents in these situations can open our eyes. When my mom moved into assisted living, I suddenly realized how much I treasured hearing about friends who visited her. And thus, realized how important it is for me to do it more myself.

  6. Oooh, yeah…I think I needed this reminder. I haven’t had widows on my radar, I don’t think. Thanks for opening my eyes to this. A lifetime of companionship ends in a day, and the one left behind has to be so lonely. 🙁 Prayers for your mom. ((xoxo)) (Pretty graphic, too. 🙂 )

  7. Hi Kristi–your phrase “through phone calls and letters” reminded me of my grandma. Since my grandpa died in 2012, she has her own little informal ministry to several other widows. She spends hours on the phone every week and visits them in the nursing homes, since she’s the most able-bodied among them. She inspires me, and your post does too.

  8. Love this and good reminder sometimes I forget to check in and just say hi. But your dear sweet momma checks on everyone and I’m so proud of how she has done and how she has helped another widow. I need to make a thankful for neighbors trip around the neighborhood maybe with some goodies!! Thank you for this serious reminding us how to be better followers and sharing love and faith!!

  9. I visited a 90+ sweetie from our church yesterday, and the time was made so much more special by bringing my grandson along. So many widows in these long term care facilities!! Every single one we saw in the hallways was charmed by seeing that little guy just walking along and being his tiny self. We had lots of fun chatting and I want to keep doing this with him.

  10. Love this, Kristi. When my best friend’s hubby went home to heave after 5 years of battling cancer,, all those Scriptures about caring for widows and orphans took on a whole new meaning at our house.

  11. Sigh, not all widows are old. It’s so easy to be invisible. With 5 young sons in tow I struggle with wondering if I’m wanting to be served or wanting to serve desperately at this point. I only know I withdrew for long enough now that I’m growing again I’m ready to explore. In between, my heart hurts and feels so abandoned by my local churches.

    1. Oh BakerMamma, I’m so sorry for your loss. Widowhood is hard, especially with youngsters in tow. Please know I am praying for you…and you’re welcome to email me with prayer requests at any time. It sounds like you are beginning to take a few steps forward. Good. We’ll be the “Aaron and Hur” to your Moses here, holding up those arms in the battle. God will see you through–even if it looks awfully bleak at times. He is our Comfort.

      Also, I have a dear friend who, like you, was a young widow with seven children. She’s a blogger and a wonderful encourager for other young widows. In case you’re interested in connecting with her and other widows who have linked together, check out Lisa or find her on fb. She is a wonderful source of encouragement and understands the trials of young widowhood.