Who Among Us Will Choose to be a Neighbor?

Who among us has neighbored lately? And have we handled the outreach opportunity well?

How have we loved our neighbor?

In light of the recent Las Vegas massacre, the question rings reasonable – more than reasonable.

When my dad died, a line of people snaked through the funeral home and across many cracks in the sidewalk outside. People offered their sympathies, hugs, and condolences for over 5 hours straight. My tootsies rubbed tired!

But something unexpected happened amid the sea of faces.

Stories began springing up. People began sharing how Dad, a simple, gifted mechanic and small business owner, impacted their lives through practical love. Beautiful stories – how he shared wisdom, offered a few dollars, turned a wrench, instilled business acumen – filled the air.

And I had no clue.

It’s Dad’s birthday month.

It’s also the 2-year anniversary of his entrance to heaven.

Although I continue to miss him, the two mile markers seem reason to celebrate.

You’re invited to the celebration.

Here’s how:

Through the month of October, we’ll be celebrating love – the agape kind – here every Tuesday on the blog. The “love your neighbor, look out for your fellow man” type – just like Dad did. And we’ll be using #loveyourneighbor on social media to spread the conversation – to spread the love.

The second is like this, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31 WEB

Dad lived his life in an everyday kind of way. He didn’t ooze Christianese or anything of the sort, although he shared his salvation story with me. The folks in that funeral home line assured he offered love in practical ways.

What impact those decisions left!

You and I leave a legacy of love as well – if we so choose.

What about that new neighbor or the unfamiliar face in the church pew?

How about the lonely new teen in the high school class or the woman who’s crying for prayer?

Maybe there’s a young mama in need of babysitting or a widow who’d welcome a homecooked meal.

Perhaps a letter would brighten a lonely person’s face or even that young college student?

Where are opportunities to love, to look out for our fellow man?

We’ll look to each other for ideas this month. We’ll also dig into Scripture. And then we’ll possibly even dive into a challenge. Each Tuesday. In October. #LoveYourNeighbor

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Overcome evil with good. Gather ideas here Tuesdays in October. #loveyourneighbor Share on X

To start?

Shall we talk about love?

Mark 12:31’s love is an agape love. Call it a verb and we’d be correct. Consider it a word of action – putting miles on our steps in honor of the 2nd greatest commandment.

Did you catch that? The 2nd greatest commandment. That’s big. Huge. Attention-worthy.

Like grab the God goggles and focus well. This one’s important.

Love – look out for our fellow man, like we’d like others to look out for us. It’s that simple. That’s love. And it’s ultra-important in God’s eyes.

And wouldn’t it be great if this little snowball of an idea – sharing love – begins its downward decent, rolling into an avalanche of ideas and action? Wouldn’t it be great, overcoming evil with good – spreading love sunshine, leaving a legacy of love?

So…how about it? How do we love our neighbor? And who, by golly, wears the t-shirt with “neighbor” ironed across the front?

Let’s start a conversation this week. Let’s chat in the comments below. How do you love your neighbor?

I’ll be checking in today, Tuesday, until midday Friday. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Other readers would too.
Stay tuned, next Tuesday we’ll be back here with practical ideas on how to love.


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  1. This is a beautiful idea, Kristi! I just had a cay with a young lady new to our city. Invited her to church, hopefully she’ll come, but even if she doesn’t, she’s my neighbor. 🙂