Happy New Years Prayer for Releasing Control {+ Free Prayer Printable}

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Happy New Years Prayer

Do you struggle with releasing control and would benefit from a happy new years prayer focused right there–on releasing control?

I get you. Let’s dig in.

Wrestling for Control

There are far too many days when I scratch and claw or even finagle for control. And sometimes, on those days, my husband belts out the Janet Jackson song “Control” as a fun yet somehow subtle reminder of the wrestle.

Do you ever struggle with this need to forge the path alone and hike it with every muscle of self-made gumption musterable?

I slide myself into the role of the Potter far too easily–especially with writing. I unconsciously refuse to wait with measured patience as the Creator’s bold, warm, and loving hands shape me into a beautiful and ornate vessel or even something simple and functional.

But something.

Of His doing.

Not mine.

The Potter & Clay

Imagine a whitish-gray lump of potential hopping off of the wheel, rolling around the Artist’s studio. It attempts to put itself together in a formidable fashion, calling out the shots of where and when to go. The inadequacy of it all hovers.

In the end, the lump of clay, likely disfigured by its 40-year trek around the pottery shed, continues wandering while potential hangs out disguised as a wallflower, watching everything unfold.

Until we’re ready to climb back on the wheel. Is this the year?

Until we’re ready to be stretched and molded, shaped, and formed by the very hands that knitted us in our mama’s wound.

To be given purpose by the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

Yes, this is the year.

Uncovering the Lie this New Year – and Covering It with Prayer

You know what I’ve found?

Deep in the heart, lies attempt an awkward mingle with the truth.

I can mold myself.

Be who and what I want to be.

And if I’m tired of waiting, I’ll shake that Etch-a-Sketch board clean and start again.

My way.

Yet the heart thumps with a beat that desires obedience, a hands-free faith with a steadfast God at the controls.

But first, we must pry lose those fingers, whether one at a time or cold turkey, from the steering wheel.

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What I Want This New Year

What I really want as I look toward this new year—and what you likely desire too—is to shoo my self-will to the side and simply sit in the glorious reality of THY will be done.

In this new year, not my will, but THY will. Lay down and deny self even if it prickles my skin. Pick up that precious yet weighty cross and walk in diligent, determined, for-the-love-of-Jesus obedience.

Short Prayer for the New Year

As I plan for my writing in this new year, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or something hovering in between, I have a few wishes that saunter right into good short prayers for the New Year. Even if you’re not a writer, go ahead and pray or grab them for yourself, too.

Lord, may I stand with eyes focused Above, palms and ears open wide, and a pen noting Your purposes.

May I, with joy, allow You, my Creator, to erase plans as needed and reink my direction as You see fit.

May the assumptions and temptation that lure me to trek ahead of the pack and go alone be tossed aside as my dependency on You rings with greater understanding and need.

May I cling only to that which adorns Your good and perfect plan, Father. Glory to You as Thy will be done.

May we settle with a hefty dose of contentedness even if life quiets and busyness ceases. If our work lacks widespread attention and productivity in the world’s eyes–then too. May we simply rest in His presence. Wait. Commune with the Potter. You and me on the wheel, His loving hands cupped around each of us, forming and fashioning our lives with a pressure that leads us to His good and perfect will in this New Year and beyond.

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What Is A Good Prayer to Say?

Here’s a longer prayer and printable for those of us who wrestle with control. Grab your copy and offer these words to God.


My life is Yours. Take it, mold it, fashion it in Your way. Forgive me for taking on the Potter’s role. I relinquish control. Root me on that wheel with great patience. Help me anticipate with faith-filled eyes. To hear You with crystal clarity. To endure with courage and strength with the knowledge that You work out all things for good for those who love You and have been called according to Your purpose.

With this new year, I put my trust in You. Guide me. Direct me. Mold and shape me, loving Father. I will wait and listen. I will hear as You give me ears. Not my will, but thine be done on earth. In my life. In this year. I am Your vessel, the work of Your hands, created to give You glory. Praise You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

A Happy New Years Prayer Printable from Kristi Woods - a gold mark with the prayer

Download your free copy of this 8.5″ x 11″ Happy New Years prayer from the Subscriber Library. Subscribe here — it’s free!

Happy New Years, friend. Whether you’re a writer, a reader, or a whole lot of something else, may God gather every ounce of the glory in this next year as we grip life with trust, not control.

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  1. My Dear Sister
    Can I just say I have been in tears reading and countless times needed to wipe it away saying …..
    I receive everything in this post that my Dear Friend that I’ve taken as a Sister to heart has mentioned.
    Putting my trust and allow our Father to shape and mold me to whom he wants🙏 And I know He will help me with this control issue in my life.
    I thank you my dear sister for such an eye opener in this blog it truly hit me in such a way .
    I will now grip life with Trust and Not Control
    Me Ke Aloha Pumehana