Ever Tried to Define Faith This Way? WORD17, Week 37

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What is faith?

If defining it to a swarthy, scantily-clad native plucked fresh from the Amazon, what words should we offer to paint faith’s picture?

Strong’s Concordance colors the canvas with these:





Hebrews 11:1, this month’s WORD17 memory verse, contains brush strokes of assurance, but we also see a splattering of evidence and things unseen.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a lingering bit of Thomas in me. I’m not certain my canvas of faith would be as beautifully painted as those spiritual giants we read about in Heb. 11.

But I want it to glow with faith just like theirs. You too?

As for today, call me more of a “doubt it ’til Jesus shows His hand” type.

Jesus offered Thomas His hands, face-to-face. My doubt might cloud the air with a fog of fear or intimidation. I want to see His hand at work – before I believe.

Growth opportunity rings.

The more I grow in my walk with Jesus, the more immersed in His Word I am, and certainly through the trials and battles of life on earth, faith, like a few swipes on the canvas covered by a few more, emerges as a budding, beautiful picture.

Deem it a work in progress.

I suppose faith will never be full until we reach heaven, right?

But take heart.

Many of us want to be faith-filled Christians.

Ones who walk with Jesus.

Those who take Him at His Word.

Guys and gals who believe like Moses.

Folks who clutch close the assurance of heaven – through thick and thin.

Believing like Abraham, Rahab, Abel, Enoch, Joseph, and Joshua.

And so we can.

That definition coated on our canvas?

Perhaps it’s simply this:

Take one step.

Faith begins with one, simple step in trust toward the Lord. #Word17 Share on X


You are faithful. You love us and guide us well. Just as you led Moses and other spiritual giants, you’ll lead us with love. Show us where our faith waivers. Show us an area in which to believe you. Just one. Show us how to have faith. And we’ll trust you to guide us faithfully. 

In Jesus’name, amen.

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  1. Truth be told, most all of us have a bit of Doubting Thomas in our veins. Thanks for sharing the truths of Scripture, friend … and reminding us that we are not alone.

    He is so faithful, faithful, faithful.