Oh Please Don’t Miss this One! | Book Review: Shine

Each month Revell sends a listing of upcoming book releases. It’s their way of saying, “Hey blogger, would you like to review any of these books?” Call it marketing (or maybe PR?) for new releases. It’s my way of supporting new reads as well as introducing us to books that might very well encourage our faith.

I scan the listing and read the descriptions. (Those descriptions are oh so important!) And every once in a while, one sparks interest. Every blue moon, a title jumps right off the page.

Call it a blue moon.

Allow me to introduce you to Shine: Stepping Into the Role You Were Made For by Allison Allen.

If I rated this with hearts, 1-5, Shine would gather 10. I loved this read!

Allison, an actress, introduces readers to her world. Oddly, those of us far from the performance industry would likely scratch head, wondering how on earth we fit that role.

But we do.

Allison beautifully sews together a garment of praise to God with this book. She gathers threads of identity, God’s plans, and trust, stitching them together with her experience and exposure on stage in a way in which readers will easily relate. We’ll focus on our role. And we’ll see God’s too.

I walked away from this read with shoulders tall and spiritual stance proving bold. By golly, I wanted to sprint to that X on the spot and step right into the role God made for me.

Are you in the role He made for you? Do you know what that role is?

Sometimes we’re not certain, and that’s okay. And sometimes certainty runs amuck, and we find ourselves changing routes. Books like Shine are written to encourage us, to champion that effort of finding our role in God’s plan.

Consider this Christian non-fiction read for your list. I’d love to hear your thoughts once you’ve read it, okay? Comparing notes and insight with you is always a joy.

Enjoy, my friend.

A copy of Shine was provided free of charge via the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion. 


Look for a celebration this month on the blog. It’s timely considering the happenings in Las Vegas, although the idea flitted in my head far before the bullets, unfortunately, began flying. Look for further explanation in next Tuesday’s post. In the meantime, lean on the assurance that we’ll be learning to love our neighbors well.

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  1. My favorite pastime is reading, and I’m always on the lookout for new books. THank you for sharing this book recommendation. I will certainly add the book to my reading list!

  2. I love the link between shine and your invitation at the end to consider loving our neighbors well. If we ever needed to embrace this invitation it’d be right about now. I look forward to what you have on the table in the days ahead, dear Kristi!

    Blessings on you …