Created to Believe: a Bible Word Study

Created to Believe Bible Word Study Announcement

Coming September 24, 2019…it’s Created to Believe: a Bible Word Study

Do you like to study the Bible?

How about specific words it contains?

If so, don’t miss this opportunity to dive into one word: believe.

Find more studies, both free and downloadable for purchase here.


  • New believers
  • Those who love topical studies
  • People who prefer inductive studies–as this one leans that direction.


  • 33 pages
    Not too long, not too short. Just right!
  • 6 sections
    Break it up into a daily or weekly study to fit YOUR schedule.
  • Applicable
    …to any Bible version.
  • Stand-Alone Study
    No previous studies are required to gather the benefits of this one.
  • Solo or Group
    Use it as a solo study or gather a few friends.
  • Easy Download
    Download this study with ease. No running. No gas wasted. Just click “purchase” and you’ll receive exactly what you need. 😉


Purchase your copy here.

My Bible Word Story

As a young Christian, I felt certain I’d die without a Bible concordance. (Head nodding.)

An intense desire to learn filled me. I wanted to know God’s Word–what it mentioned about specific topics, especially.

If I battled worry, I’d look up that word then scour the verses it offered. Then, after a period of study, I’d go on to the next word. I LOVED this type of study.

I suspect many of you do, too–or will if you try it.

And as time went on, I also became comfortable with other Bible resource tools like concordances and Bible dictionaries.

These will aid in your studies as well.

This Study

As I thought about how I could glorify God while also providing resources to help others grow in their Christian faith, word studies came to mind.

And so with you in mind–Him too–here it is. The first official Bible word study: Created to Believe.

You, my friend, were created to believe by the Creator, Himself.

I hope you enjoy this study. You might also find the four free Believe Bible Study videos beneficial. They’re a separate study, but a goodie, too!