Why Is Being Obedient So Difficult at Times?

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Why is being obedient so difficult at times–have you ever wondered? We know what we should do, right? Within us churns a desire to grow in faith. But there’s also a crazy inner tug that causes us to vacillate between God’s will and our own. What to do?

It often boils down to “God’s way” or “my way. “

And we find ourselves in a wrestle with temptation. It doesn’t matter if we’re young or old, seasoned or not so much. Being obedient can be difficult, can’t it?

Why Is Being Obedient Important?

Let’s start here. A look in Genesis pinpoints why being obedient is important. Grab a Bible and read through Genesis 1-3 if you haven’t experienced this first book already or would simply like a morning Bible reading refresher.

Adam and Eve. Apple. Serpent. Thoughts twisted ever so slightly. Deception. Decision. And bam! We have a bite (sin), the downfall of man, and a clear swipe against obedience to God.

In Exodus, the fifth commandment encourages children to honor their parents, a commandment from the Lord. Why? So that all might go well with them.

Disobedience links arms with evil. Obedience to God brings glory to Him and sets us in a solid place. There’s a faith-filled treasure with obedience.

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Examples of Obedience in the Bible

There are multiple examples of obedience in the Bible. And disobedience, too. My favorite, a story about Caleb and Joshua in Numbers, includes both. The foundational example, however, remains in Jesus.

Below are five wonderful examples. If you’re looking for a reading plan, spread these among five, ten, or fifteen days and you’ll have a mini-plan.

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Rewards of Obedience to God

Take a stroll through heaven’s description. This is what our Father desires for us. But sin gets in the way. God, however, in His overflowing love, paved a way through Jesus that we might enter heaven. Because of Jesus’ obedience, we have hope.

The One who created this space is the same One who assures we can trust Him. Our obedience not only brings Him glory, but it blesses others and draws them to the Living God–all while finding us on His straight path.

And there’s one more thing that often accompanies obedience, a reward that money can’t buy. It’s peace. Beautiful, wonderful peace.

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How Can a Person Be Obedient?

Here are several suggestions for our journey in and with obedience. It’s how we can be obedient to God.

  • Decide
    Make a decision. Draw a line in the sand. Choose obedience.
  • Pray
    Talk with God about it. Let Him hear those beautiful words of surrender. Ask for revelation, understanding, and forgiveness for areas of your life where disobedience is hidden.
  • Read
    Read the Bible to understand God’s will. He’s clear. And with time, study, and insight from Above, it will read clear to you and me as well.
  • Act
    Put action to your decision.

Read My Story of Being Obedient

As a strong-willed gal, I sometimes find trusting God and the subsequent obedience to be difficult. But God settles my fears every time.

Every. Time.

Here’s my story on Proverbs 31–a miracle of sorts–of how God proved to me (once again!) that He’s worthy of trust. This one details incredible ways how obedience allowed an outcome I never expected.

Being obedient to God Almighty isn’t always easy, but it’s always right. Let righteousness reign. Let’s run this race well and give Him all the glory.

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  1. Hey Kristi! Love your blog post — it is not an easy topic to tackle and I think that it is absolutely awesome that you talked about it so gracefully and with so much truth! x

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Obedience is definitely not an easy topic, but it’s crucial in our faith walk. Have a beautiful day!