Why Is It Hard to Believe Sometimes?

Why is it hard to believe God sometimes? Have you ever wondered?

In late November or early December, a word found me. I typically don’t choose “one word” for the year, but by golly, this one stuck.

When the calendar flipped to 2019, “believe” flipped along with it. That’s when I knew this was serious. God seemed to be giving my non “one-word” self a makeover.

Never say never.

But a question remained: What did God mean by “believe”?

I did a little virtual head scratch because as a believer in Jesus Christ, I’ve been walking with Him for over two decades–almost three. Hello? Don’t I already, eh hem, believe?

I prayed for salvation years ago–even got baptized. Bibles studies, prayer, Sunday school teaching and small groups comprise my history, too. What else is there to believe?


At least that’s what I suspect. And it’ll require humility and reliance on the Lord to learn it. God help me.

Oh, and did I mention patience? (Sigh. Anyone else out there want wisdom NOW, not tomorrow? Alas, patience has never been my virtue… Hey, but maybe I should just believe?!)

The Journey with Believe

My 2019 journey with “believe” remains a mystery–mostly–but rest assured we will have stories to tell years from now. I’m convinced. And each one will display beautifully the power and love of the Lord Almighty, giving evidence of faith growth too. We already have one for the history books. It all started when I read Mark 9.

“What do you mean, ‘If I can’?’ Jesus asked. ‘Anything is possible if a person believes.’
The father instantly cried out, ‘I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!’”

Mark 9:23-24 WEB

“Believe” waved a hearty hello in this passage. I managed a half-hearted Miss America back, all while my mouth hung wide open.

The man believed, BUT he also expressed unbelief.

HOW is that possible?

Isn’t unbelief the opposite of belief? My dictionary considers them antonyms. Yours too?

If one were north on the map, the other would be south. One hot, the other cold. One black, then, yes, white for the other.

As Christians, can we believe but somehow harbor unbelief simultaneously?

This is a question we’ll be diving into in an upcoming online Bible study “creatively” called, Believe.

We’re going to dive headfirst into four Bible passages centered around Jesus and everyday people like you and me. How appropriate that it starts just after Easter, the holiday all about Jesus.

We’ll allow the Lord and those passages to challenge our faith. We’ll seek Him for understanding, then walk away different (hopefully) as He deposits wisdom from above.

Believe Bible study: Will you join me?

You’re invited!

The What’s & How’s for Believe:

  • BIBLE–have one available.
  • Visit KristiWoods.net on Tuesdays to view the 10 min. +/- VIDEO, or if you’re a subscriber, the link will be emailed Tuesday.
  • Download the free OUTLINE in the Subscriber Library–available on or before the Monday prior to each video posting. (Optional, but many of you have expressed HIGH interest in this. Thanks so much for your feedback, by the way.) If you’re a subscriber in need of the password, check past “3” newsletters which are sent on the 1st Friday of each new month. Or, email me: [email protected].
  • Join me on ZOOM Tuesday evenings at 7PM, central. (It’s optional, but make certain to get a free account with Zoom prior to our meeting time.) We’ll gather via video conference to converse about the Bible passage, Jesus, and how He’s challenging us to “believe.” Plus, I’d love to see your smiling faces. I’ll post the meeting link alongside the video and on Facebook. 😉 As a guesstimate, reserve 30 mins. for the video call. It will start PROMPTLY at 7 each week.
  • FRIENDS. I’ve invited a friend to sit alongside me during the Zoom video calls. We’ll call her the “Mystery Guest” for now, but know this: She is FUN! Seriously, I suspect this woman has the gift of joy, because it goes wherever she does. I can’t wait to introduce you to her! Bring one or a few of your friends too, okay?

No sign-ups are required. Just show up, but watch the video first. 😉

That’s it! Super easy and short enough for busy folks, but lending a powerful impact as the Holy Spirit leads.

New Memory Verse

Above is the first of two memory verses this month. Through the Bible, God assures us, even when we don’t feel like it, WE ARE SEEN.

I breath a sigh of relief on this one. Hallelujah! God sees us.

If you’d like to scan past memory verses, check out this link.

Have a beautiful week, friend. See you the Tuesday after Easter as we simply “believe.”

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  1. I believe the answer to your question is yes. lol I am writing about this on my blog too and have seen so many others exploring this lately too. I love that God gave you this Word to cling tightly too this year girl, and that He is calling you to explore this. You go!

  2. This is absolutely my favorite story about Jesus’ ministry. I just finished reading it in Mark with my Wednesday night Bible study. I love that even my belief in God is not only my responsibility- I can ask God to help me!

  3. I agree, it’s so easy to say we believe but sometimes our actions show otherwise. The Easter season gives us the opportunity to put our beliefs to the test. How will we SHOW that we truly believe? Having a bible study program is a great idea for persons to share their struggles and difficulties and also receive encouragement.