Tuck This One In Your Heart

Go ahead–tuck this verse in your heart. Keep it near, assuring every ounce of “you” of God’s interweaving.

Sometimes, as a strong-willed gal, I make plans to go here and there and look to the future. But sometimes I get so busy that I forget God.

I run ahead, failing to remember where I came from.

Tuck This One In Your Heart

My boys weight-lift. They’re big on maxing out. (Lifting as much as they safely can–taking it to the max.) Consider this memory verse ours for maxing out. So go ahead. Tuck this one in your heart.

Our Creator is our everything–our all in all. We are His–the work of His hand. You and I stand as evidence of His creativity. We’re not junk. We’re wonderfully and fearfully made.

This week, as we set this verse to memory, remember where you came from. Remember God.

Recall that you are the beautiful handiwork of the Alpha and the Omega. Seek Him for guidance. Refuse to run ahead. Be diligent to remember.

And have a beautiful week.

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  1. What a beautiful truth! There are times that the chatter of the mind becomes overwhelming. But these reminders tell me that God wanted me, He made me. His word and voice quiets the mind. “You are Mine!” calms the storm of thoughts. I belong . . thank you for the reminder.

  2. This verse is a helpful reminder when I’m forced to acknowledge that I’m not Superwoman. When I have unrealistic expectations of myself, I must remember that God still expects me to be (and knows that I am) human. There is great comfort in this Truth. He makes all things well.