Re-gifting Forgiveness

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The gift of forgiveness isn’t always an easy gift to give.

I want to forgive, but it’s hard. I know I should forgive on a Biblical level, but my flesh seems to fuss.
…Forgive, and you will be forgiven. 
Luke 6:37
I want to hand the offender my gift, singing something like, “Here! This is for you. Take it, freely.” Then I’ll skip away and all will be ponies and rainbows.


But it’s those piercing words…they are difficult to forgive. Unyielding, something in me wants to push the play button over and over. I want to rehash them, rehearse my new ending, tell them like it is. There are no rainbows here.
Those actions…they are difficult to maneuver beyond. The hurt from their touch is deep. It lingers like an unwanted sore.
It’s that offense…the grudge my mind refuses to release. My flesh burns with anger against them for stealing or wronging me. It burns against myself for those decisions and actions I regret.


But when I go to Jesus….
The fire of my flesh is deprived of its oxygen.
The water for my soul is there, in Jesus.


When I go to Jesus instead of my thoughts, I see a man who was jeered and made fun of. 
Those words…
He forgave.

When I go to Jesus versus my emotions, I see a man who was beaten. 
Those actions…
He forgave.

When I go to Jesus instead of housing the anger or grudge that has spun into sin, I see a man who was spat on and had his items stolen.  
Those offenses…
He forgave.

He knows the pain. Luke 23 tells me so.

He understands the struggle. Mark 15 impresses it more deeply.

But the period at the end of the chapter says He knows how to smother the flame of the flesh, soothing the salve of peace on my heart and mind. He sheds light for my trek to the land of a watered soul.

With the gift of forgiveness.

That which I fight to give, forgiveness, is precisely the re-gifting that will set me free. Jesus gifted it to me, now it’s my turn to re-gift forgiveness.


This One who gifted forgiveness to you and me, 
wrapped it so beautifully for all to receive. 
His guidance to us through the struggle and pain?
Forgive and you will be forgiven…again and again.
Forgiveness has been gifted to you and me. 
Now, it’s my turn to re-gift it, you see.
Will I release the struggle and the pain?


Yes, I’ll trust You, Lord. I’ll forgive…again and again.

The One you and I can trust has asked us to re-gift that package, offering it to another.

To find peace for our soul. 
To squelch the flames of the flesh.
To water our spirit.
To walk like Jesus.


Is there someone, in this season of giving, needy of your re-gift? I’m praying and conducting my own inventory now. Lord, show me….

As we venture into this gift-giving, and possibly re-gifting, season, the great gift of forgiveness is where the Lord set my heart. 


Will you join me in the great re-gift?  

There are two other writers who will join me this month, sharing here on the Branch. We’ll share how we’ve been strengthened by the Lord to re-gift forgiveness…to others, to family, and to ourselves. You won’t want to miss a single one. 

But today, we start with Jesus. That’s where it all begins. So, if you’re game for re-gifting, join me in this prayer, won’t you?

Prayer to Forgive

Thank You for Your forgiveness to me. Even though my situation was ugly and messy, You gifted…and continue to do so. I love You, Lord. Show me my heart so that I might not sin against You. Is there anyone I should forgive that I’m holding hostage instead? Show me where the grudges sit and the offenses situate so that I can release them and truly forgive. Well within me an unwillingness to remain the same, but be changed by the quenching of Your love. May I never be content to withhold forgiveness, Lord, but may I live a life of freely giving as it has been given to me by You.
In Jesus’ name, 

Do you struggle with rejection?

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  1. “Well within me an unwillingness to remain the same.” Yes, this is my prayer! Good reminder to remember all that God has forgiven us and follow His example.

  2. What a beautiful look at the gift of forgiveness … as a regift “Jesus gifted it to me, now it’s my turn to re-gift forgiveness.” Thank you, Kristi, for this view on forgiveness : )