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Are you a Christian book fan? They do their part to help fan our faith as well as offer clean entertainment. If you’re into contemporary Christian romance, read on. A new book on the market awaits us. It’s called Let It Be Me by Becky Wade. And this is my review.

The Misty River Series by Becky Wade

I loved, loved, LOVED Becky Wade’s first book in the Misty River Series, Stay with Me. (Find my review here.) Why? Probably because it hit on a difficult topic often swept under the rug. But this hard journey happens–and in Christian circles. This #1 in the Misty River Series captured me, and I definitely recommend it.

Christian fiction author Becky Wade didn’t leave us alone, however, with book one. Fortunate for us! Book two, Let It Be Me, released last week. And good news–look for a book three down the road. Stay tuned. (As a fun side note, I’ve read every Becky Wade novel. She’s the only multi-published donning this designation.)

Today, let’s hone in on Let It Be Me. Ready? Let’s go!

Let It Be Me Overview

In Becky’s words, a brief overview of this new Christian novel.

The one woman he wants is the one he cannot have.

Former foster kid Sebastian Grant has leveraged his intelligence and hard work to become a pediatric heart surgeon. But not even his career success can erase the void he’s tried so hard to fill. Then he meets high school teacher Leah Montgomery and his fast-spinning world comes to a sudden stop. He falls hard only to make a devastating discovery — Leah is the woman his best friend set his heart on months before.

Leah’s a math prodigy who’s only ever had one big dream—to earn her PhD. Raising her little brother put that dream on hold. Now that her brother will soon be college bound, she’s not going to let anything stand in her way. Especially romance… which is far less dependable than algebra.

When Leah receives surprising results from the DNA test she submitted to a genealogy site, she solicits Sebastian’s help. Together, they comb through hospital records to uncover the secrets of her history. The more powerfully they’re drawn to one other, the more strongly Sebastian must resist, and the more Leah must admit that some things in life—like love—can’t be explained with numbers.

Read on for my pros and cons as well as a few fun or free opportunities.

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Pros to Let It Be Me

  • If you like a sweet, clean, entertaining story that intertwines faith with relationships and romance–oh, and a TWIST!–then Let It Be Me‘s your book.
  • If you enjoy Becky Wade’s engaging writing style (she’s an award winner) then grab a copy of Let It Be Me.
  • If you love to read series, start with the prequel, Take a Chance on Me. (A fun update on that later in the review.)
  • STEM–Becky includes a female mathematician and a male pediatric heart surgeon in this romance. It’s nice to see female characters in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) professions.
  • Remember that TWIST! I mentioned? It’s definitely a pro. Didn’t see it coming. At.All. (After reading a copy, let me know if it caught you by surprise, too.) Such a nice addition.
  • The cover couple is a REAL LIFE couple. Isn’t that fun? Becky shared an interview with them in her recent newsletter. It’s nice to add a personal touch like this–and encouragement to sign up for her email list. (In real life, the cover couple’s lives don’t mirror our characters, Sebastian and Leah, but it’s fun nonetheless.)
  • If you’re into genealogy, this title may spark a little interest as well. It includes a genealogy/DNA thread, similar to rising real-life scenarios due to the advent of DNA testing such as 23andME and Ancestry.com.
  • Look for several other Misty River Series characters woven realistically into this North Georgia tale.
  • If you enjoy love triangles, Becky handles this one with respect and solid communication–great examples for Christians.

Cons to Let It Be Me

The cons list runs super short. Becky’s such a solid writer, it’s no wonder.

  • Let It Be Me read slower for me than the previous Misty River titles, but not enough that I wouldn’t recommend it. I wonder if perhaps this was due to longer chapters and my personal preference for shorter ones. Honestly, I suspect this wouldn’t be a con for others. Regardless, it’s a small blip in the scheme of an otherwise stellar novel.
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Learn More about Let It Be Me

Looking to learn more about this Christian fiction author or her new book? Listen to this podcast, “Positively Joy” with Yvette Walker, if you’d like to hear Becky Wade share about writing, her characters, and how God led her to Christian romance novels.

Find other reader and blogger reviews as well.

Buy Let It Be Me

You can buy Let It Be Me, either in print or ebook, at Christianbook.com or wherever books are sold.

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By Becky Wade
Stack of Christian Books with Christian Fiction Label
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GoodReads & Bookbub Book Reviews

Find my review of this novel and others by Becky Wade on GoodReads. (GoodReads includes fiction and nonfiction. My reading list does as well.) While you’re there, friend request me, and we’ll journey with books together.

Helpful reviews are available on Bookbub as well.

Free in the Misty River Series


As of this writing, Take a Chance on Me, the prequel in the Misty River series, is available free on Kindle. It’s a good introduction to the series, and a wonderful opportunity to check out Becky’s writing. (She might become one of your favorite authors, too.)

Take a Chance on me Christian novel book cover


Becky’s holding a giveaway, ending 5/25/21, for the items in the below graphic. Find out more on her site here.

Author Chat Party

You’re invited to an Author Chat Party!
When? Tues., May 11th, 8pm Eastern
Where? www.facebook.com/AuthorBeckyWade

Christian Fiction

Years ago, the Holy Spirit prompted me to set aside fiction reading. I hated to see my favorite secular authors go, but that inner unction led to follow the Lord instead.

I immersed myself in Christian nonfiction, certain it and I were bound forever, leaving no room for fiction. After fifteen years, however, an unexpected fire lit. That’s when God reopened the fiction door, and I found my first Christian novel. Beautiful!

Then, a couple of years ago much to my surprise (and great fear!), the Lord prompted me to start writing Christian fiction. I’m in transition now–dabbling a bit in nonfiction, but putting emphasis on learning and writing Christian fiction. It seems appropriate that my first Oklahoma Christian Fiction Writers meeting guest speaker was Becky Wade. (I might have fangirled a bit!) And it’s been a joy to help her launch this latest release.

Clean, inspirational, faith-filled books belong on our library shelves, on our nightstands, and in our hands at home. They spur on faith and offer clean entertainment. That being said, Becky Wade’s one of my top ten authors. If you like one of her books, why not try them all? Each tells a sweet story, one grounded in faith. Here’s a list of other not-to-miss Christian female authors who spin solid stories as well.

Happy reading, friends.

The publisher gifted me a free copy of this book. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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