A Prayer for Our Graduates

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A prayer for our graduates is here.

Last week proved to be a whirlwind. But it was the type that tossed with good. Our oldest stepped across the threshold between high school and his adult future, eagerly grasping a diploma of “You did it!”

Joel graduated high school.

I’m not the crying type, but a couple of months ago, a few tears broke rank and tumbled down my cheeks. But last week? Nope. There was a pure celebration, sans tears. This kid man has a future. God has him in the palm of His hand and absolutely knows the plans He has for him. In that, I am determined to celebrate.

And so, as a mama, my fingers have released and my heart is now beating in cadence with trust – in God alone. Just as He knows Joel’s future, He knows the plans He has for all of our graduates. Are our fingers released, mamas? Dads? Aunts? Uncles? Guardians?

Have we placed more trust in the Lord for the everyday comings and goings of our graduates, for the 5 and 10-year plans of our special ones, or have we grasped at trust in ourselves? It’s okay. The One who created our graduates is able to see them all the way to eternity.

And so, as our graduates finish their high school careers, mind if we link virtual hands and pray for our graduates?

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A Graduation Prayer

Here’s a prayer for our graduates.


They are Yours. You created our graduates. You created them in Your likeness and image. And the work is beyond good – oh so good. Father, may they allow You to surround them with Your love as they head into their adult future. Whether it’s college, the military, a job, or some other future, may they be strong in You and in Your mighty power. May they love You with all their heart, all their strength, all their mind, and all their soul. May no weapon formed against them prevail, but may Your love in them conquer all evil. We won’t be there with them as they make decisions, but You will be. Praise You. That is enough, in You we trust. May they have eyes to see You when tough situations rise, ears that hear You when they’re uncertain the path to take. May they walk in the counsel of Your wisdom as they embark on this next chapter of life. Because of Your love, may their steps be firm. And Lord, may Your light in them shine brightly for the whole world to see. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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