WORD17, Week 20

Sunset with the words from John 21:6a on the right side.
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They say its weather sometimes reacts with a temper. I’ve never been to the Sea of Galilee, nor seen it’s temper, but they may be right.

Today, however, we’re not focused on the sea or its weather. We’re here to gaze further into the lives of James, John, Simon, and Andrew – fishermen casting their nets on the Sea of Galilee. And we’re here to gaze straight at Jesus Christ.

Let’s not only wrangle with John 21:6, but let’s also lasso the whole passage: John 21:1-14.

Do you notice anything about our disciples?

Here are a few thoughts shouting for attention:

  • All four were believers – disciples, in fact.

  • The men had seen Jesus manifested twice before.

  • They went fishing – even though they were called away from their familiar livelihood on the sea in order to become fishers of men.

  • They failed to recognize Jesus initially.

  • They heard His voice.

  • They obeyed and cast their net accordingly.

  • They retrieved an overflowing load.

  • They recognized Jesus in the middle of their “every day.”

All this. All in the lives of men desperately following Jesus.

This passage is like a package filled with hope. Even believers who set out upon the waters of self-sufficiency or familiarity can unwrap it and find hope.

There’s still an opportunity to hear Jesus.

There’s still time to follow His lead.

There awaits a net on the right side of the boat, bursting at the seams with the catch – Jesus-style. And in the middle of our situation? We’ll recognize Jesus. Right there. With us.

So even if believers, disciples at that, walked this road, it’s pure biblical evidence that we, too, can hear Jesus – then hear Him once again. And ultimately, recognize or re-recognize
Jesus in our day-to-day situations.

Hope isn’t lost.

That we, too, can recast after a self-willed day set out on the water.

Another chance may be right around the corner.

That we, too, can find nets overflowing when we’re in the center of His will.

And give God the glory as lives are changed.

As we go about our week, may we be disciples with ears that hear and hearts overflowing in submission, recasting the net as He commands. May the catch be full and may we recognize Jesus in our every day – for the Almighty’s glory alone.

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  1. Don’t you just love the privilege we have to ‘recognize Jesus’ in the midst of our dailyness! Always there, always present and very much a part of who we are and what we’re up to.

    Thanks for this sacred reminder, Kristi. I hope your week’s a good one.