Dear Teacher, We Praise God for You ~ 2017

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They’ve spoken into our lives. They speak into children’s lives even today. They plant seeds and dreams. They encourage and correct, hold feet firm to the task. They love and rebuke…and then love some more.

They are teachers.

We’re wrapping up yet another school year. It seems appropriate to thank those fearless warriors standing on the education front.

Thank you, teachers.

Each year I run a praise/thanks piece for teachers. They are words God helped me form 3 years ago in this post, and they still beat appropriately today. So I republish them. This year, however, they’ve been polished a bit. You’ll find them over at LifeLetter Cafe. See you there!

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  1. Amen, Kristi.

    These fine servants fill in many of the blanks of things that we as parents aren’t able to give our kids.

    As a mother-in-law of a 5th grade teacher, I know how hard these professionals work. My hat’s off to them …

    1. Amen, Linda, amen. Please give your 5th grade teacher/family member and hug and thanks for all of us here at #specialpeople