Dear Teacher, We Praise God for You

Dear Teacher
(The picture above was clicked by my son and possibly your student, Joel Woods, as we drove to school one foggy morning.)

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They don’t seem sufficient. The words, they’re not enough, but this post tacked in the blogosphere comes with a heart of thankfulness, a heart of praise. Teacher, this is a shout-out to let you know how thankful we are for you. We praise God for you.

1. You’re a vessel.

Perhaps a bit different in size or style than the one to your right or left, but you’re a vessel that is made in God’s likeness and image, handcrafted for his purposes. For that, we praise God.

You’re poured into and dipped out of. How many times have you taken the child’s hand in love, listened with genuine concern, or watched as they called for attention? Many, I’m certain. Each moment you gave left an impression.

We pray for your continued molding and willingness to be his vessel. We praise God for the work he has already completed in you.

2. You are handcrafted by God.

You were made with specific instructions, knitted in your own mother’s womb. Your DNA claims it loud and clear. You were made for this time and place, for duty such as this. But, you are not your job. You are a child of Christ. You were made to worship Almighty God. Your actions as a teacher worship when bathed in righteousness.

We praise God for his handiwork in you and how you use it to bring glory to his mighty name.

We pray for your identity in Christ as well as the continued direction in your life, family, and career.

3. You’re a part of the body of Christ.

Sure, it’s a job, but you see it as more. Your part is vital. Seven hours a day with kids, five days a week, maybe more, perhaps a bit less, you are in ministry. A full-time, paid ministry. You listen, you watch, you discuss, and they hear.

Many of us can’t do what you do. We treasure your gift because of its effect on our children.

As this year comes to a close, please know that you are treasured by God and also by us.

We praise the Lord that you are part of his body. We pray that you reach the depths of this ministry, that you swim in the depths of God. We pray that you walk with his confidence and strength in all areas of your life.

Thank you, dear teacher, for your year. You are appreciated. For you, we praise God.

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Final notes and thoughts: As we approach the school year’s end, please feel free to use this, my friends, to say thanks to the teachers in your life. Forward it, copy it, use it for personal and free purposes. Simply please give a note of credit and you have my permission to use it.

Whether private, public, or homeschool teachers (administrators and staff), all need words of encouragement. After eight years of homeschooling, my family recently completed our first year of traditional school. For one child, it was a return to the halls of traditional school after an eight-year absence, for two children it was a beginning they had never experienced before. The transition proved more daunting emotionally than we anticipated. Yes, there were struggles. But, there were also triumphs. Today we’re celebrating those. In that celebration, we’re also praising God for the teachers, administrators, and staff who helped them along the way each day. For that, their father and I are ever grateful. Thank YOU!

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  1. Caleb and I connected from the very beginning in the library. Our only read-aloud together was THE CAY and with his travels he enlightened us each week. I love your son! His heart is as big as Oklahoma and we are blessed to have him as part of our Rejoice School family!
    Thank you for noticing what we do!
    Mrs. Cheryl Golightly
    Librarian, Cafeteria Helper and Car Loader 🙂

    1. He absolutely LOVES you, Mrs. Golightly. (And, you’re really, really good at loading those kiddos in cars. Super impressive.) Enjoy your summer.

  2. Thanks, Kristi! These words are treasured! It has been a joy getting to know your family and serve your children. We, the Becks, will miss you all, and I am so excited for Joel and Rebekah moving forward!

    1. Awwww…thanks Amy. You and Kelly (sp?) were instrumental in our adjustment. Thank you! Keep in touch.

  3. Kristi~

    While I am not a teacher, I do have the pleasure of seeing your sweet children every day, and really am so glad you decided to come to Rejoice! I hope your family enjoys a wonderful, restful and refreshing summer, and we will see you all again in August!

    God bless you and your family!

    1. Julie, you gave a loving, kind first impression for the school. How could we not like it with people of your sweet type on the front lines? Well done. Enjoy the warmth that summer (hopefullly!) will bring.

  4. Though I came in at Christmas time, Caleb was quick to accept me in and make me feel welcome. He told me he had prayed for me. He has an energy and a love for learning and I enjoyed his contributions to our discussions in reading and history. He has a sweet heart and I know that God has great plans for him!

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Owens. Caleb talked of you often. And his heart of prayer? There’s a depth in that boy’s prayer life that floors me often. Have a wonderful summer.

  5. What a sweet post, Kristi. I’m glad your children made a successful transition to public school. I accepted this encouragement for myself, since I’m still homeschooling. 🙂 Will be SO relieved to have just one next year…

    1. Please do accept this for yourself, Betsy, and a hug across the miles as well. Is your son all set for college? Not long! Take care, sweet friend.

  6. Joel is a wonderful young man and it was a pleasure to watch him adapt and mature. We are blessed to have your family and are humbled by your precious words of thanks. God bless you!

    1. And God bless you as well, Mrs. Zingerman. The wisdom God has placed in you is a precious gift. We’ve unwrapped it and appreciated it many times! 🙂