A Lesson in Thanks

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A Lesson in Thanks

A common thread, the plea rose heavenward, “Keep Daddy safe.” It easily rolled from the lips of the youngster, prayed with honesty and true desire daily during his father’s deployment. He was only two-years-old, yet now I consider he aged years well beyond in the spiritual realm.

As a mother, I questioned whether this little guy truly understood what he prayed for. Were his prayers mimicking those of older siblings? Regardless, he prayed without ceasing for his daddy, a fervent prayer that availed much.

…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

James 5:16 KJV

Daddy came home, safe at last, and back to the arms of his awaiting family. Our little guy’s prayer had been answered. His fervent and powerful plea morphed into an answered testimony and became the aroma of Christ to his mama, daddy, and siblings.

But there was more.

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A Lesson in Thanks Learned

The night after Daddy’s arrival home, our young son quietly slipped in his prayer at dinner time. With a full expectation of hearing, “Keep Daddy safe,” pour forth from the little guy’s mouth once again, I sat stunned as the words, “Thank You for keeping Daddy safe,” slipped from his lips. He gathered no coaching to transition answered prayers into heartfelt thanksgiving. Not from me. Not from his dad or siblings. Only an awesome Lord could teach this beautiful youngster.

Lesson learned.

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Thank You, Lord

It’s easy to ask for things in prayer, but we are wise to remember thanksgiving. Our young son’s prayers were answered. He thanked the Lord for his daddy’s safe return in a way that bounded over and flowed with beauty.

Thank you for teaching me, son. And, thank You for teaching me, Lord.

Continue steadfastly in prayer, watching in it with thanksgiving,

Col. 4:2 WEB

As Caleb offered thanksgiving, the opportunity sits for you and me today. What thanks can we offer?

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