Scripture Bank 2015

Welcome to 2015, my friend!
It’s a new year, but our faithful Lord remains the same.
Mercy overflowing. 
A Daddy beyond daddies.
It’s going to be a good year because He is here.
Are you ready to journey with me on a challenge as we dive in for “more”?
Every Monday I will be posting a Scripture to memorize during the week. That’s 52 Scriptures by year end! (Visions of victory are dancing in my head.) 
Can you imagine the battles we can overcome simply by having the Truth tucked in our hearts and minds?
Maybe you’d like to join me on this journey? 
Memorizing Scripture isn’t the easiest for me. Being a visual learner, I can tell you where a certain Scripture is located in my Bible, whether it’s on the left or right page. I can even narrow it down to the page quadrant on which the words pop. I can see it! However, remembering the Scripture exactly doesn’t come so easily.
Difficulties aside, I’m determined to deposit several words of God’s guidance in my memory bank this year. Maybe you’d like to make an installment as well? 
On each Monday I will post a Scripture to memorize for the week. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter at #ScriptureBank2015 for more from the community of folks as to how we are doing this and for encouragement to make the time worthy deposit each week. 
As for me, I will be taping the Scripture onto my bathroom mirror. It’s a guarantee that it’ll get looked at every morning. It’s a good start to both the morning and Scripture banking for those battles ahead.
Stay tuned, my friend. I’ll be back on Monday to kick off this banking effort.
Let’s do this…2015!

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