2 Questions for You as We Near Valentine’s Day

It’s a week for love, is it not? Maybe it’s a different type of love, this one we’re focusing on today. But it has its place at the very core of our being. 
It’s a love that weathers all storms, delivering its personalized mail through rain, sleet, hail, and snow. Nothing can stop the love. Nothing can thwart the Sender’s plans. No, nothing can stop God.
Today I meditated on Exodus 15:13, our memory Scripture for the week. A couple of questions arose that created a cause to ponder. These questions made me think. And talk with God. And declare.
You too?
1. Through His unfailing love He leads. 
He leads. 
But do I let Him? 
Do I let God lead me?
Lord, I desire to allow You to lead me. Forgive me of my selfish ways. Take those areas where I’m holding the control. I hand them to You. Lead me, Lord. Amen.
Lord, You lead me in Your love. You are my leader.
2. It’s His strength that guides me to Heaven. I surely can’t make it there on my own. Now, that would be an interesting sight, wouldn’t it?! 
If I can’t arrive at Heaven’s doorstep without God, what makes me think I can live one breath without Him? What makes me think I can truly be healed, delivered, and live life successfully with out God? 
It’s Your strength that truly guides me, Lord, not my own. Forgive me of my striving. Instead, I will rest and trust in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Lord, You are my guide to Your holy dwelling. You, through Your strength, are my guide today and always.
Ponder, pray, declare. His love never fails. Happy Valentines Day my, friend.

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  1. Such thought provoking words here today, Kristi. Yes, his love leads me. Lord, let me willing to let you lead and not wander aimlessly looking for a hint of glitter when you are the one true Light. Thank you for sharing this, Kristi. Much needed truth today. (hugs)

  2. What a great reminder as it draws close to Valentine’s Day to look to the One who loves us most and best. I need His strength for every breath I take, but sometimes I forget. I run ahead and try it on my own, but even then He is faithful to hold my hand and lead me back to Him. <3