15 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Christ-Lover in Your Life

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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Christ-Lover in Your Life

Do you enjoy giving thoughtful gifts at Christmas time? It’s like snapping a puzzle piece into place, isn’t it? There’s a sense of joy when everything comes together.

But for some of us, gathering gift ideas isn’t quite so fluid. It takes a mountain of brain cells building on each other and then a trek up that virtual mountain to generate an idea–and even then we somehow miss the mark of the “perfect” gift.

Then again, Jesus is always the perfect gift, isn’t He?

I’ve put together a helpful list of 15 Christmas gift ideas for the Christ-lover in your life. Perhaps these will help those who select solutions with ease and the others of us, too. 😉 All point toward the Perfect Gift of Jesus Christ.

Bible study title page: Fear What? Debunking the Power of Fear
Great for solo study or in a group!

Christmas-Oriented Gifts

Nativity Scene

I snapped the above picture of our nativity scene. It sits on the piano right now. But years ago we propped it on a table where little hands loved to play with it.

What joy in remembering those times.

What joy in celebrating Jesus with the help of a nativity scene. Here are a few sets, and a couple other Christmas-time helps, to celebrate and enjoy Jesus this year.

8770202: Scriptured Nativity Set with BaseScriptured Nativity Set with Base
505386: Tales of Glory Nativity PlaysetTales of Glory Nativity Playset
41672X: Unwrapping the Names of Jesus: An Advent DevotionalUnwrapping the Names of Jesus: An Advent Devotional
By Asheritah Ciuciu

 Printable Names of Jesus Advent Calendar by My Messy Desk

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Bibles and Related Gifts

339270: NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible, HardcoverNLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible, Hardcover

The Chronological Life Application Study Bible was a birthday gift this year. And I LOVE it. It’s the first time I’ve walked through the Bible chronologically. It’s a bit different, but I found it helpful. This version of the NLT has fantastic notes and insight as well.

542376: The New Strong"s Exhaustive Concordance of the BibleThe New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
By James Strong

I use this tool on a regular basis. It helps Bible readers dig further into the Greek and Hebrew meaning of words, opening understanding and offering “a-ha’s” for our faith.

750136: The Beginner"s Bible, New and Updated Edition 2016The Beginner’s Bible, New and Updated Edition 2016
By Zondervan

Did you catch my review of this Bible here? It’s a keeper for young ones. Also, we have our winners of The Beginner’s Bible giveaway. Congratulations Joanne Viola and Cheryl Barker!

  • ??  Mystery Bible ??

Within the week, I’ll be posting a review of yet another new Bible you’ll want to consider. 😉 Right now it’s a mystery, but make certain to stay “in the know” automatically by subscribing to KristiWoods.net, if you haven’t already.

For the Outdoorsman

369286: RealTree: Majestic Bible TabsRealTree: Majestic Bible Tabs
By Ellie Claire

Tabs = lifesavers when trying to find books of the Bible, especially for new Christians and those in groups settings who feel the swipe of shame as they’re leafing through the huge book in hopes of landing the book jackpot. (But I wouldn’t know anything about that!) 🙂

 Consider these two options, above and below, for the camo lovers in your life. And if you’re not into camo, other options await.

261294: RealTree Bible Tabs Pink CamoRealTree Bible Tabs Pink Camo

Christmas & Other Posts You Might Enjoy

For the Reader

729824: Silencing Insecurity: Believing God"s Truth about YouSilencing Insecurity: Believing God’s Truth about You
By Donna Gibbs

This was one of my favorite non-fiction reads from 2018. If misidentity roars in your life or someone you love, grab a copy of this book. It’s a goodie. To learn more about it, see my review here. 

205876: Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out and LonelyUninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out and Lonely
By Lysa TerKeurst

Earlier this year, several local ladies and I gathered on Sunday nights to fight and overcome those feelings we harbor when feeling less than, left out, and lonely. We used Univited by Lysa TerKeurst. Call it well worth the read!

039851: It"s Not Supposed to Be This WayIt’s Not Supposed to Be This Way
By Lysa TerKeurst

Bonus: Lysa has a new read available as well, It’s Not Supposed to be This Way. You might be
interested in checking it out as well.

Removing the Sting of Rejection
  • Removing the Sting of Rejection

Don’t forget to grab your FREE copy HERE of Removing the Sting of Rejection. This 3-day devotional I wrote leans on God’s truth to help set our hearts on freedom from rejection.

Home Decor

5124726: Joy, I Bring You Good News Of Great Joy, TowelJoy, I Bring You Good News Of Great Joy, Towel

Isn’t it pretty? Something about that gold and the Christmas season. Oh, and then there’s donning the home with the Word of God. Grabs my heart every time.


962418: Burn the Ships, VinylBurn the Ships, Vinyl
By For King & Country

Vinyl’s coming back, y’all! Couldn’t believe my eyes when scouring the store at Cracker Barrel recently. I did a double take when Bruno Mars stared back at me from a vinyl jacket–available for sale.


A vinyl comeback? (Our friend, Russ, will be excited. He restores old record players and houses a love of vinyl like no other I know.)

Well guess what? For King and Country also drops a new album in time for Christmas…available in vinyl. Fun!

Tony and I attended Roadshow18 this year, a Christian music concert including the likes of Matthew West, Natalie Grant, Social Club Misfits, Zac Williams, and more. For King and Country headlined. And goodness…they know how to put on a show. I awarded them “all-time fav concert.”

The creativity blew.me.away. And it might you as well. So consider this album for the Christ-lovers in your life…or even yourself. And let me know how you like the music, okay?

I hope you find help in these ideas. Regardless, enjoy Jesus, the season, and those surrounding you, friend. Oh, and two more things…

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2. Prayer

Busyness shifts our focus off prayer–especially in a busy season and when it comes to the husband. He’s a big boy, he can handle himself. Right? Well….

Journey on over to Growing Home Together where you’ll be charged and encouraged to pray for your husband. And while there, skip over to their store for Christmas gift ideas. (I especially love A Mom’s Prayers for her Son. See my review.)

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  1. This post reminded me of my days working in our local Independent Christian Retailer store! You provided awesome recommendations, Kristi ~ you are so thoughtful 🙂

    1. How fun that you worked for a local Christian retailer. I’ll bet you saw all sorts of goodies. Hmmm…that might be dangerous for me. I’d want to buy out the store, Charla! 🙂

  2. I am a terrible gift giver. So, Christmas puts a lot of added stress on me. I would much rather find the perfect gift at a random time during the year and give it for no good reason on than to bless the recipient. But your list is so great!! Thanks for sharing the Advent Calendar! Blessings!

    1. What a neat idea–giving throughout the year. Does take off the stress, doesn’t it, Liz? Thanks for sharing your creation with us. Glad to have it in this post. <3

  3. You have a great list of ideas here! Love those nativity sets. And yes, vinyl records for the last 5 years or so have been growing in popularity. My brother has my mom’s old stereo set and has an extensive vintage collection, and now I see my son’s college friends prefer vinyl, too. Lots of new releases on it now!

  4. Great list, Kristi. Love that King & Country album and I certainly had not heard vinyl was coming back! We’ll have to find record players. 😉 Visiting as your neighbor at #HeartEncouragement

  5. Gift-giving isn’t something I feel particularly good at, soI’m always watching for that really good idea list. You have some ideas that provoke me to think a little deeper about what my loved ones might want. Thanks for that. It’s a service!