Getting Real, Praying for More, Praying for a Deeper Understanding of the Fear of the Lord

Hey there, Friend! How is your walk going? And your relationship with the One who dearly loves you…how is that intimate connection? Are you ready for more, more of the Lord?  Me too! 
Are you ready to grab hands across the blogsphere and take a look at today’s video? It’s all good and growth stuff. After watching we can take a gander at the listing of the benefits of the fear of the Lord. Oh, but these aren’t all! There are more benefits. Woo hoo! Who doesn’t like more benefits, right?! 
If you feel up to it, take the challenge to dig in your concordance (or an online version such as the Blue Letter Bible or Bible Study Tools) for more verses about the benefits of the fear of the Lord. You won’t be sorry!

With the Fear of the Lord, you get:
* Security
* Refuge for your children
* Escape from death
* Protection
* Rescue
* Blessing

Proverbs and Psalms overflow with His promises concerning the fear of the Lord. May I encourage you to dig in, write them down, meditate on them, thank Him, and pray concerning the fear of the Lord in your own life? You’ll be forever changed and His glory will beam brighter and brighter through your every action and word. All glory to God!
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