Testimony Time

There’s a testimony that burns brightly. Some of you have heard the words, while others  of you have yet to cross paths with it. Either way, it’s strong, it’s awesome, it’s sooooo the Lord. Now is the time to put that testimony down in writing, ready and available for all to read.
From the very beginning God was mighty. It all started with a dream. Literally, it was a dream. I had prayed, “God, am I hearing You? Are you telling me it’s time to step out and start writing publicly?” A couple of seasoned Christians were encouraging this, but I needed to hear it from the top. So God sent a dream. It was very real, and within 12 hours it came to pass. I knew the Lord was saying, “You’ve heard Me, daughter. Go!”
Fast forward to August 31 of this year. It was at a meeting with a potential publisher where I sensed the Lord guiding this vehicle of ministry toward a different publisher. The one I sat with at that meeting had become somewhat of a security blanket for me. He and his team had been encouragers and cheerleaders through the process. The thought of going a different route was a titch intimidating. It may seem easy enough producing a book from the outside, but when you’re the one learning to lay yourself down, allowing the Lord to be the driver, intimidation or fear can pop their little heads up.
I immediately threw a prayer to the Lord, “If you want me to go with that other publisher, Lord, please send an email.” 
Praying in that manner is not the norm for me, but time alluded that a quick answer was needed. Gideon threw out a fleece, so I chose to as well.
And the Lord answered. He’s so faithful to answer our prayers!
I arrived home later that evening to an email from the publisher I suspected the Lord was calling me to link arms with. The subject line indicated a sale they were having, ending on August 31. It was August 31….10:30pm Hawai’i time. The publisher was on the East Coast.  It was already Sept. 1 there.  
My thoughts?  “You’ve missed the sale.”  
(This was a self-publisher, not the preferred route of my pride, but the route the Lord was calling me to take nonetheless. In the self-publishing arena, you pay to have your book published, so a sale is a good thing.) 
Feeling dejected, I briefly mentioned, “Lord, if it’s You, provide a way.”  Honestly, I couldn’t see how He was going to work it out, as grasping the savings appeared to be a dead-end street from my vantage point.
“Send me another email if it’s You,” were the words I uttered before I sauntered upstairs for a good night’s sleep. (Geez, how many emails do you need, girl. Right?!)
Morning poured forth, and another email awaited in the inbox. It subject line said, “Kristi, you didn’t miss the sale.”
A smile and some laughter reflected off the computer screen.  I really wanted to hoot and  holler, especially when I saw that the subject line mimicked my previous evening’s thoughts to a “T.” The Lord’s direction was undoubtedly clear. It was time to press forward with self-publishing, it was time to go with Xulon Publishing.
Fast forward a couple of months, soon after the book came out in print. I wondered, “Lord, how are people receiving this? Am I on target with what You wanted? Did I write the words that speak?”  
My flesh wanted so badly to run to my friends who had already graced the pages of the book. Surely they would be honest, they would tell me its impact on their lives. They could  be my reassurance. But something stopped me. If this was truly about the Lord, I simply needed to step out in faith and trust Him. I needed to lean on the Lord, waiting upon Him, not other peoples’ reassurances.  In hindsight, I really believe it was another growth step, a step in learning not to find my fulfillment in others’ opinions, but rather in faith in the Lord.
Soon after, out of the blue, a woman came to me, excitedly giving praise for what the Lord was doing in her life through the words of the book. I would never have thought to ask her, and it truly seems as though the Lord brought her to me. He was answering my prayer, and how sweet it was receiving the answer after the “waiting” period. (Reminds me of Isaiah 40:31.)
There are a couple of other people who have contacted me since then who,out of the blue, have  also mentioned their own testimonies pertaining to The Other Side of the Fence. It’s all good because the Lord is good.
The words don’t seem to do this testimony justice, but His touch has been mighty and impacting through the process of publishing this book. After all, He is a mighty God, should the testimony be any different? 
Remember those testimonies in your own life. They may not mirror mine, but they are still powerful ..because He is. They will be reassurances to you as you step out in faith with the direction of the Lord. They will sing of the glory of our Creator and will draw others to a very real Lord.


To Him be the glory!

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