This Is It! Catch Our Final Memory Verse of the Year Here + A Thanksgiving Prayer

Psalm 34:22 written in black and gold on a white background

This is it! It’s our final memory verse.

You guys, we did it! We’ve worked our way through Psalm 34 in 2018. The whole, crazy good Psalm. Just tuck this last, glorious verse into the heart. And that’s it!

I love that this is our last one. Call it a verse of hope and redemption, not condemnation. And honestly, doesn’t it give an Old Testament peek into salvation?


Because memorizing Scripture comes slow to me, I’m still working on holding each of these firm. But that’s okay. My humanity continues to try. And if you’re still repeating, writing, and reciting Psalm 34, that’s okay too. Let’s stay familiar. Find our way around. It’ll get tucked in there if we just keep pressing toward the goal.

Past Verses

Past verses from this year and previous years are on THIS Pinterest board as well as posts concerning methods for memorization. Find past verses also by typing #WORD18, WORD17, or #ScriptureBank16 in the search section below.

Next Year’s Memory Verse Program

What’s in story for memory scriptures next year? Look for more information in December. And as a reminder, you have permission to print all #WORD18 memory verses for your personal use.

Put ’em in a binder. Print and tape them to the bathroom mirror or office wall–like I did below! Hey, it’s even okay to give them to a friend or family member.

Different graphics from Psalm 34 taped to the wall.

Thank you, friend, for journeying together in WORD18. May God’s word truly be alive within us, active and sharper than a two-edged sword. And may others see a difference as we live each day, giving glory to our Father Above.

A Prayer to Grab & Use

purple background with "Featured Writer, written in white. Written in pink below it are the words real women, real faith published a Thanksgiving Prayer for Family last week. Here it is, available for us to pray over family this Thanksgiving season and throughout the year.

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  1. Yay! You made it to the end! Love how you’ve woven Scripture memory in with a host of other topics and links. Great job with your blog this year, Kristi! Your ministry is a blessing!

  2. Psalm 34 is packed with such words of inspiration, wisdom and encouragement, Kristi. Thanks for sharing. I too have a hard time with memorization. However, I do it to help with my brain injury. I keep a list of verses that my best friend typed up for me after the stroke and I’ve added some handwritten ones too. They are tucked in my daily reading Bible.I try to read them daily to allows those golden nuggets from God’s Word permeate my mind. We have to keep the sword of the Spirit at the ready, right? I hope you and family have a wonderful week of Thanksgiving. Hoping Joel is surviving another football season. Be well and God bless.

  3. I enjoy your perspective into Scripture, and your commitment to helping others live prepared through memorizing His Word!