3 Opportunities to Help Grow Your Faith

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Are you looking for 3 opportunities to grow your faith. Here they are!

It’s a rainy day here in Oklahoma, a welcome relief after many hot and dry days. Whew!

Sometimes our faith feels a little Oklahoma: D.R.Y. That’s when the body of Christ comes into play. People impact different parts of our faith walk, encouraging us in the journey. Below are 3 women/groups with not-to-miss encouragement.

Here are 3 Opportunities to Help Grow Your Faith:


1. Wholly Loved Ministries

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Are you a woman interested in discovering, embracing, and living out who you are in Christ? If so, take a peek at Wholly Loved Ministries.

I’ve recently stepped on board with this ministry, contributing to their online devotionals and an upcoming project. (More on that later.) But the online devotional is not all they offer. Wholly Loved also holds conferences and encourages women like us through other faith-building tools. So go ahead, take a peek at what Wholly Loved Ministries has to offer. And while visiting, don’t forget to subscribe to receive their blog posts!

2. The Journey Together Summit

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 I’m delighted to invite you to a FREE online event – The Journey Together Summit!  Join 34+ highly-loved author experts (many are bestselling authors) as they open up their heart to share transparent stories, life-changing biblical truths, and wise insights on being Battle Ready. The event goes live Tuesday, Sept 11-Friday, Sept. 14, but it is viewable even beyond these dates.


Sign up here today! 

Learn from experts, how to stand firm and faithful when the worst of trials hit. Whether you’re struggling with finances, your marriage, grief, uncertainty, doubt, discouragement or despair -the topics go on and on…

At this event, you will:

  • Gain practical and biblical tips to break the power of uncertainty, doubt and worry in your life.
  • See past the mountains before you to the heights of your victorious God.
  • Come to believe God really can do exceedingly abundantly more than you can ever ask or imagine as you trust Him.
All the General Sessions (40+ videos) are FREE.  Beyond this, you can upgrade your pass to the Practical Application sessions if you want to dive deeper on a subject, get practical wisdom on how to proceed or if you want to watch the videos over the next year.
 See the agenda here.
What are you waiting for? Grab your FREE ticket today. And, if you can’t attend Sept. 11-14, they’ve got you covered. Get the All Access Pass and you’ll be able to watch the videos post-event.
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3. Wildfire Faith Coaching

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Have you ever soaked in the wise words of Lyli Dunbar? I love her! This bold woman of God writes faith-building encouragement. It pops up in various places: blogs, app devos and more. She’s a teacher by trade and is now combining her love of teaching and faith  in a coaching opportunity to come alongside us as we grow in faith. Find out more about Wildfire Faith by visiting Lyli’s website or this fb launch video from last week. 🙂


These are just 3 opportunities to help grow your faith from women I know personally and trust.

How about you? What opportunities have been vital in your spiritual growth? Comment below.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Wildfire Coaching with your friends. You are such a blessing! — That summit looks AMAZING, and I loved taking a peek around the website for Wholly Loved Ministries. How exciting that you will be on their writing team! Yay!

    1. You are welcome, my friend. It’s my pleasure to share tools, events, ministries, and women solidly championing the name of Christ. #goJesus

  2. Well done Kristi. Great advice here. I just wrote an article on faith after my radio interview last week. I don’t believe my faith was questioned, but when you are responding to a question and the interviewer is frowning, it can throw you off a bit. You wonder if you said something wrong. I posted the interview in my post today. Have a great weekend and may God continue to bless you and yours. By the way, is Joel still playing football this Fall? My sports watching has been cut back as I work to finish my next book. Be well, friend. I’m enjoying this cooler weather. We needed the rain.

    1. Congratulations on the radio interview, Horace. Can’t wait to swing over to your blog and check it out. As for Joel, he hung up the cleats. I’m sad there are no more college games to watch, but I’m excited that he’s now in his “sweet spot.” Our youngest plays his 2nd high school football game tonight. And the fun part? Billy Simms-yep, THE Billy Simms of the NFL–will be in the locker room with them. He was super excited. Me too! Hope they win.

    1. Betsy, thanks for journeying over to Wholly Loved. Glad you stopped in here as well. Your comments always bring a smile. 😉

  3. I’m looking forward to the online conference! It’s a great lineup of some wonderful speakers and some who are new to me. And congratulations on your writing with Wholly Loved!

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