A New Life Chapter, Part 2

A New Life Chapter…continued from Part 1. (And, for viewing & reading pleasure, liberty has been taken to update a few portions. 😉 8.16)
A New Chapter
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It was all supposed to be good, you know – happy-go-lucky. But then came the crash of emotions.

And Lot’s wife came into play.

This woman of the Bible began her journey toward a new life chapter. (Gen. 19) God called her to something new and different, something far from her familiar Sodom and Gomorrah.

Go to the mountain and don’t look back, God offered.

Temptation dangled a “look back”, however. Lot’s wife took the bait. She found herself forever caught in a backward stare, destroyed as a result.

The temptation might have sounded something like this:

But I like the way it used to be.

I’m going to miss it – the way things were.

I’m scared of what’s ahead.

This is too hard.

Can’t life simply stay the same?

“The way things were” causes us to become stuck on a page of the past if it garners our focus. Much like Lot’s wife, we become immobilized spiritually.

But when we release our past and future to God, we run the race well.

When we release our past and future to God, we run the race well. Share on X

Looking back slows and often stops forward motion. A stare at the past can stop us short of God’s appointment.

A stare at the past can stop us short of God's appointment. Keep running, friend. Share on X

Sometimes following God into life’s next chapter proves scary.

Homeschooling changes…
Children growing up and out…
Moving to a new state…
Leaving a job or a duty station behind…
Death of a loved one…
Death of a dream.

A hint of salt settles when we cling to the past. It’s dangerous, destructive even.

But when we break stare with the past, focusing on the journey forward?

Trust in God takes us to His mountain. Righteousness reigns.

Be assured, trusting God Almighty through the page turn isn’t always easy. But He’s God ALMIGHTY. Trust anyway. A beautiful mountain awaits.

Trusting God through the page turn isn't always easy. Trust anyway. Share on X

When the new life chapter is written by God, it’s written well. And the view? Heavenly.

When the new life chapter is written by God, it's written well. Share on X

Here’s a bit of “eyes forward” battle gear for those new life chapters:

Lord, I will trust You with all my heart;
I will not depend on my own understanding.
I will seek You in all I do,
knowing You will show me which path to take.
I’ll choose not to be impressed with my own wisdom.
Instead, I will fear You, Lord, and will turn away from evil.
Then I will have healing for my body
and strength for my bones. Amen.

from Proverbs 3:5-8

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  1. Kristi … I love how you’ve prayed Proverbs 3 … and let’s hear it for looking forward with expectancy without feeling like we’ve gotta know every step that’s ahead.

    He knows …

  2. Life never stays the same. Sigh. That’s a good thing when things are going bad; I want life to change then. But when I’m in the sweet spot of a good season? I want time to stand still. But yes, either way, we are to trust God with all new chapters. Thanks for the encouragement, Kristi.

  3. The reason we look back is because we seek comfort from the familiar and we fear the unknown that the future brings. But we need not fear. God has been in the future and made it safe for us.

    God bless.

  4. Kristi, your encouragement is right on time for me. I’ve been so guilty of looking back, questioning decisions, wanting to turn around and go back. But I love the lesson from Lot’s wife. I’ve never thought of it this way before! Thank you for the wisdom, friend.

  5. Girl, I’ve been in chapter 2 for a while and ::gulp:: I often want to go back. But God is faithful and I’m writing that through hot tears in belief. Your testimony is timely. xoxoxo